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It’s always fun to try out different products, sample things that are new on the shop shelves, and give your opinions and feedback to help others make good purchasing decisions. With this blog, we’re lucky enough to get plenty of opportunities to try new products, but you don’t need to run a blog or website, or even spend a lot of time on social media accounts to get involved in product testing.

A new product testing website has launched in the UK: Home Tester Club. This site has been a BIG success in Canada, the USA, Australia and South Africa, powered by the globally known television concept Brand Power. The club now has 15,000 members in the UK, but they are looking to expand and would love to have you sign up to become a part of the testing community.


Home Tester Club is considered the Trip Advisor for consumer packaged goods items, globally, for hundreds of well-known brands you would find the supermarket and pharmacy. Their members test, rate, and review packaged goods products in an uncensored forum, sharing their honest opinions on the products.

It’s FREE to join, and definitely has to be worth a few minutes of your time to see what you will be offered to test. I have signed up, and am looking forward to testing out products with them.

The joining process is very simple, all you need to do is fill in a very brief survey with your basic details; that’s it!  Then you’ll be able to review products within the site, and be sure to look out for the “Home Tested” section, which is where you can sign up for free product trials.

New product watch. Testing products at homeYou can also enter to win prizes in the Learn and Win section, and look out for new products coming to the shops in New Product Watch area where you can review and find out what others thought of these items too.

Will you be signing up? Share with your friends and family too, if they would also enjoy testing out the products

Here is a quick link to join the Home Tester Club community today

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