Home Tiles Review and ideas to renovate your new home

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By Luciana Oliveira

Moving to a new house is exciting. I am always looking forward to unpacking my things and getting all decorated to my taste, especially if it comes to changing wallpapers and flooring. There are so many possibilities and despite the hassle that moving house may bring decorating can be really fun!

In this post I will share with you some of my experience with moving house and some tips for decorating with Home Tiles! I was fascinated by their bathroom tiles and if you are planning to renovate you should defintely check them out.


I recently moved from a bit city to a village in the countryside and I am so excited. It has been a ride to get through all the paperwork and logistics involved but we are finally here. Despite the normal stress that comes with moving house I couldn’t be happier. The surroundings are breathtaking, its peaceful and so green. The house is spacious and warm. The whole energy feels so welcoming I just know this was by far the best decision we made for our family and we will all be extremely fullfilled here. 

Now to the most exciting part..decorating the new place. The previous owner was a sweet lady and she looked after this bungalow with all her heart. Apart from a few little things that need changing and modernizing, it is perfect! I have decided to change some of the flooring and came across Home Tiles and was very impressed by their products. Home Tiles is an independent family business and is now the fastest growing independent tile retailer in London and the South East.

Home Tiles website is very easy to use and they have a fantastic range of products. They also offer free samples. So after browsing on the website you may feel like you need to physically see them tiles before placing an order. I personally find this options incredible.

I am a very visual person, and also sometimes the pictures on the website do not perfectly translate how the product really looks so having a free sample before making a decision is great! They also have an amazing range of outdoor tiles that you will love!

I ordered a few samples and I love the quality of their product. It is exactly as decribed online. The colours and patterns are beautiful and vibrant. If you are looking to renovate your home or even make a few changes you should defintely keep Home Tiles in mind when it comes to flooring and tiles.

They offer a variety of products not only for indoor but also outdoor flooring. You need to show your outdoor space some love with their fantastic range of tiles. They are all designed to withstand the elements and stay beautiful for years to come. 

Their team is always ready to promptly answer to any queries and assist you with anything you need and their products are really amazing and do not forget to change their clearance section for a variety of tiles that are currently on sale! 



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