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Learning Resources is my go-to company for home learning materials, as they have so many fun products to help with all kinds of areas of learning. We were sent a couple of products to help out with our home learning during the school closures, and these have been really useful along side other Learning Resources toys and games that we already have stocked in our playroom.

Sight Word Swat

This is a great game that can be used to help young readers, whether they have only learned a few sight words or are starting to get quite confident at reading. N is 3 years old and already knows a few words, so this is a fun way to review those with her and introduce more words to her in a fun and casual way. Not all of the words included are “tricky words” there are also words which can be sounded out phonetically, like “can” so we can also use these type of words for phonics practise, to have a go at reading the letters and blending them together to read the word.

You can put out as many or few words as needed for your child’s ability and then call out words and they have to race to swat them with the swatter, which makes it fun.

It’s a very simple concept, so easy for young learners to pick up the rules of the game, and it’s easy to fit in a quick five minutes of learning while playing this, which makes it really handy.

This game is available on the Learning Resources site for 15.50

There is also a times tables swat game which works in the same way, which would be useful for slightly older kids to practise their maths. My boys school always encourage them to get their times tables recalled as fast as possible, so this would be a fun way to work on that.

MathLink Cubes

Math Link Cubes are a great resource to have to help children cement their understanding of numbers. As you physically manipulate the cubes, this can help younger children learn and understand concepts like counting, or number bonds. They can use them to physically practice adding up and taking away, while seeing the physical items in front of them. For older kids, they are also really helpful to work on some geometry 3D shapes topics, helping them build and understand topics like area, volume, and counting sides and edges of shapes.

There are some Math Link printables available on the Learning Resources website too, so I printed a few for N to use alongside the Math Link cubes.

The cubes are very easy to use, clicking together easily and staying together well when linked. In the set of 100 you get 10 each of 10 colours and they’re very durable so you can keep pulling these out during maths lessons, and use and re-use them for years with each child.

Math Link Cubes are available on the Learning Resources website for 11.50 for a set of 100, or you can buy a set of 1000 if you need more!

You might also want to check out the free printable work sheets and activities that Learning Resources are providing on their website. 

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