Fireman Sam Titan Boat Review

The boys are always interested in vehicles and enjoy watching Fireman sam so I wasn’t surprised that the Fireman Sam Titan Boat was a hit with them. As soon as I showed them this toy Mr T and Mr R were both very keen to try it out and they played with it for a good while.

fireman sam titan boatThe Fireman Sam Titan boat is a medium to small sized vehicle with plenty of little details to help with role play and story telling. The boys enjoyed exploring the features of the boat like the jet cannons.

Unless you already have Fireman Sam figures, you need to buy some separately to use with the Titan boat. We were sent a two pack of figures and these fit perfectly with the boat. You can easily fit the figures into the cab so that they can pretend to drive the boat, and they are pose-able in the arms and legs.

fireman sam titan and figuresThe underside of the boat has three wheels to allow it to be launched and travel across your floor or playing space.

fireman sam titan wheelsThe Fireman Sam Titan boat is a simple toy, and very affordable too at RRP of 9.99. It’s ideal for boys of around 3-4 years like Mr T and Mr R and even though it has no batteries and is simple it kept them engaged very well. Due to it’s size it would be a good one to take in your bag when visiting friends and family, so it’s a really handy one to have if you do have a Fireman Sam fan.

firemansam3 firemansam2The boat is made of plastic, and seems to be fairly sturdy and not too flimsy. It’s standing up well against lots of boisterous play from Mr R and Mr T. The Titan boat is compatible with other Fireman Sam sets, and suggested to go with the Ocean Rescue playset. We don’t have any other Fireman Sam play sets so far, this is our first but we may add to the collection in the future.

The Fireman sam toys can be bought from many shops including Amazon (Affiliate)

Fireman Sam Titan Boat

Fireman Sam 2 pack of figures

fireman sam titan boat and figures

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