Happy Birthday Mr Z – With PaperThemes Personalised Wrapping Paper

My oldest boy, Mr Z, turned 5 years old over the weekend! Of course that involved lots of fun and lots of presents. To make a couple of his presents extra special, I had been sent some personalised wrapping paper to try out and review from Paper Themes.

I have previously reviewed one of their Personalised posters, and they have quite a good range of personalised stationary. I had a look through all the wrapping paper designs and chose the airplanes theme. It comes as one sheet (50 x 70 cm) with 2 gift tags and you chose the name you would like to be included.

personalised wrapping paper happy birthday ziyad with planes

Here’s the paper before it has been wrapped. It is a lovely tasteful design, you can see the name there written in white with “Happy birthday Z….” as if coming out of the smoke of the airplane!

Here are some of the presents wrapped. The amount of paper on the sheet was enough to wrap two gifts.

For those who are interested, inside is his Finding Nemo presents!

The quality of the paper is very good, its not thin and cheap at all but a decent thickness and nicely printed. I would recommend the paper for any gift that you would like to make that little bit extra special. For example it would be lovely when having to send something in the post if you are not able to see someone on their special day, as it shows just that extra bit of thought and attention to detail. They have various designs that are suitable for both adults and chiildren so it is definitely worth having a look. I wouldn’t say wrap very large presents in it, or all of the presents as it will add up a bit pricewise. It is more for a special gift when you want to make something stand out!

If you would like the chance to win a Paper Themes Voucher so that you can buy some personalised paper for yourself, and loads more stationary goodies then pop over to ET Speaks from Home blog where my friend Eileen is holding a fantastic competition to win a £50 Voucher! Here

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