First car stories – Our Beloved Honda!

IMG_2437MoneySuperMarket are running another Blogger competition! This time they want to hear all about our first cars. That is not too hard for me to remember as we only got our first car last year. Having lived quite centrally in London previously where there were always so many buses going from right outside our front door (literally – we lived on Holloway road where so many buses pass by) and travelling by tube tended to be quite quick too, not to mention the pain of finding parking and paying congestion charges, we had never bothered to get round to learn to drive. There are so many amenities in walking distance in those areas too!

A year and half ago we moved out to one of the outer boroughs in Zone 5 and quickly realised that a car was going to make our lives so much easier. My husband started lessons and luckily he passed first time (alhamdulillah – thanks God!) and we decided to get a car. We had a limited budget so he had a look through the used cars on auto trader and found a 15 years old Honda Accord for just under 500 quid, which had been kept in great condition. Bargain! We decided to go for it – and it served us well, we have only very very recently changed it as we decided to go for a 7 seater for slightly more space.

beloved car honda accord in green p reg
Our Beloved Honda
snowy car
Our beloved Honda serving us well in snow or sun!

The car gave us so much freedom to go on so many adventures with the kids which we never would have realistically been able to go with the 3 of them on public transport as it would just take so long and be such a pain. We still love just being able to jump in the car and drive where we want!

kids loving the Honda!
kids loving the Honda!

My husband loved this car so much (and still loves our current car), when I originally asked him to suggest a blog name for me he even said “3 Boys and a Honda” ๐Ÿ˜‰

The kids also love Dada’s car and still get excited to go in the car – which is lucky for us as we don’t get too much moaning on long journeys!

sleeping in car
asleep in the back of the car
sleeping baby in car
(in case anyone’s concerned the straps are like that cos we were taking him out, then took the pic!!)

Now I am just really hoping and praying I can pass the driving test myself, I have failed a couple of times now and having seen how much easier the car makes our life I just can not wait to be able to use it myself during the week when it is just me and the kids.

This Honda has been passed onto a friend now that we have got our 7 seater (Toyota Previa) so we will still see it time to time, rather than giving it to a stranger! And for now we have had to move on, as we have a lot more space in our current car rather than having 3 kids along the back seat. But we will always remember our beloved Honda, our first car which welcomed us to the world of driving!

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