Boursin Recipes [Sponsored Video]

Boursin is a soft french cheese that originated in Normandy, France and has been around now for over 50 years with the original garlic and herb recipe remaining unchanged! As well as being great to eat in a cheese platter with crackers it’s also ideal to cook with. Check out these Boursin recipes with videos to show you exactly what to do. The homemade burger from chef Marcus Bean looks so tasty.

boursin recipes including home made burgersWatch the short video to see how easily a home made burger can be prepared, and made delicious with Boursin. Chef Marcus Bean shows how to prepare these beef & mushroom burgers with a Boursin Black Pepper Portions centre.

For more delicious video recipes made with Boursin why not try these:

Garlic & Herb Gnocchi

Smoked Salmon & Tiger Prawn Linguine

Sweet Potato Falafel Stuffed with Boursin

Squash, Tomato, Onion & Chive Risotto

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