TMNT Half Shell Heroes Dinosaur Toys Review

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All of my boys are big fans of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) and we have quite a few toys from Flair’s Half Shell Heroes range. This range is suitable for kids from 3+ and has lots of great turtles figures, playsets and vehicles. We were really interested to try out the new additions to the range with a turtles and dino theme to link in to the new TV special on Nick Toons, where the foursome, along with baddies Shredder, Beebop and Rocksteady, travel back in time to the prehistoric age where they encounter dinosaurs.


As you can see above, we were sent the T-Rex with Donnie, and the Pterodactyl with Raph. Both of these items were a hit with my boys straight away and they loved the theme combination of dinosaurs with Ninja turtles.


Both sets include one half shell heroes figure, and a dinosaur that the turtle can ride. The figures have details to them, and are not the same as the other figures from half shall heroes sets. For example we have another Raph figure that came with a vehicle set, but our old and new Raph have different clothes and accessories to make them both different which keeps them more fresh and exciting. Any half shell heroes figure will fit into any dinosaur or vehicle though, so you can easily play with all of them together and mix and match the characters.


The turtles fit on to the dinosaurs really well and don’t fall out during play which is great, since that eliminates any frustration while playing. They have obviously been designed well, and it’s easy enough for kids to put the turtle figures in and out without having to keep asking for help.


The mouths of the dinosaurs open and close, and there are some effects like press the back of the pterodactyl and the wings will flap, which also adds another fun element to the play.


All of the dinosaurs and figures are well made from chunky plastic, which can hold up well to active play and doesn’t seem like it will break easily.


They are all bright and colourful and really appealing to younger TMNT fans. This range is particularly good for my youngest, R who is 4, although all of my boys still enjoy playing with Half Shell Heroes toys.


There will also be new waves of pre-school action figures from Half Shell Heroes introduced in autumn alongside an amazing Half-Shell Heroes Sewer Adventure Ralph Playset that stands over 26” tall! With over 20 different features, this cool playset opens up to reveal multiple play areas to help defeat the evil Shredder! We will look forward to checking those out, and I would definitely recommend the Half Shell Heroes range to any younger Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans.

T-Rex with Donnie is available for around RRP 24.99 and Pterodactyl with Raph is available for around RRP 16.99

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