Guide To Buying Equipment For Your Playground

The playground is one of the most important parts of any school, park or community. Not only do they provide a safe space for children to play but they also aid with child development at a critical age in their lives. From helping with their fine motor skills, their balance and even their imagination, playgrounds are more important than ever. Creating that playground however, isn’t always the easiest of tasks.

To help, we’ve created this guide to buying playground equipment. Here are the main factors you need to consider:


You first need to decide where the play structure is going to go. Will it have enough shade? Will it be next to a building to help provide some shelter? Do you have enough flat ground? You should also look to areas that can provide great drainage and won’t create a cold swimming pool during the winter months. 

Not only will this put off people using it at these times but it could also affect stability. You should also avoid locations with hard surfaces such as concrete in the event that someone does take a tumble, grass would make for a much softer landing. Once you have your location, you can also take a better look at the size of the space you have to work with too.


When it comes to the equipment, you should remember that each item of equipment should have at least 8 feet of space between them. This allows children to run and play around each piece of equipment safely. You’ll want to check that each model you select, works well in the intended space you wish to put it and doesn’t overcrowd the space.


As with all things in life, budget is a huge factor. What’s your budget and what can you afford? Are you able to apply for a grant to give you more money to work with or are you firm on your current budget? Once you have your budget and the scale that you’re working to, it will be much easier to determine just what you’re able to do with regards to the number of items of play equipment and where.

Last but most certainly not least, installation is a big factor. While there are many who wish to install themselves to save on expenses, it’s worth noting that having professional installers doesn’t just ensure your equipment is installed correctly but it also ensures everything is installed safely. 


Using the team at Sovereign Early Years for example gives you access to experts in this field who’ll advise on the day whether an item of equipment is better placed elsewhere. They’ll also ensure that your playground is installed and up to code with regards to Health & Safety. Including an installation fee in your budget will pay dividends in the long run.

Contact Sovereign Early Years Today

Sovereign Early Years have many years of experience not only creating dream playgrounds and park spaces but actually manufacturing the equipment itself. 

They provide all natural equipment that isn’t just safe but helps with all-important child development during play. They have also become very specialised when it comes to the layout of a playground space and what works best in any given area.

If you’d like help and guidance when it comes to creating the perfect playground for your learning establishment or community, please don’t hesitate to contact them today on 01702 804198. 

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