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Whether you are putting together an outfit for a special occasion, or creating a professional day to day look for work at the office, adding a piece of antique jewellery can give you a really unique vibe to make your style extra unique.

In order to be classified as an antique, each piece of jewellery must be at least one hundred years old. So this means that to find the perfect antique, you would need to be looking for pieces of jewellery from the 1920s, or earlier eras such as the Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian or Art Nouveau eras. Other jewellery which is not quite this old can be classed as vintage jewellery, rather than being antique jewellery.

Since antique jewellery has so much history, it’s amazing to think of all the stories each item could have and the lives that these items could have touched.

You can find a wide variety of antique jewellery on the website, to add the perfect finishing touches to your outfit.

Antique Rings

Wearing an antique ring is a great way to add a historic feel to your outfit in a subtle and meaningful way. You can find many beautiful and unique antique rings with all kinds of gem stones, from amethyst to sapphire, garnet, pearl, diamond and more.

If you want a statement piece, you could go for something big and bold like this 15ct Gold Amethyst and seed pearl ring, from the Carus Jewellery website.

Or for something classic, classy and under stated to wear every day, you could go for something like this 18ct gold 5 stones diamond ring, dating back to the Victorian era.

Antique Necklaces

There are many options for beautiful antique necklaces, from pendants to lockets or simple chains. You could also choose matching sets with earrings and necklaces set with the same gem stones which is a very effective and glamorous option for formal occasions.

A Victorian locket necklace would be an ideal choice if you have a meaningful photograph that you would love to carry with you and wear.

Pearls are also a great option if you are going for a timeless professional look.

Antique Brooches

Brooches are not a jewellery item that you come across so often nowadays, but these can be a great way to add some extra personality and unique history to your outfit. Brooches were popular in the Victorian era, so there are many beautiful antique brooches that you can find in gold, silver, or set with all kinds of gem stones.

You can also find antique cameo brooches which feature carved 3d images. These have a very artistic and historic look, with each one being a miniature work of art. The brooch below is an Edwardian cameo brooch meticulously carved, and mounted on 9ct yellow gold.

Antique Jewellery for Gentlemen

Males can also use antique jewellery to add the finishing touches to their outfits – particularly for formal wear. Antique cufflinks are a subtle and classy way to add some history to your suit in the office, or you could go for a tie clip or tie pin.

There are also options for men to choose suitable antique rings, with many varieties of signet rings dating back as far as Edwardian times and beyond.

Gifting Antique Jewellery

After learning more about the hard work and dedication that goes into designing these beautiful objects, and the history behind each piece of antique jewellery, I developed an immense appreciation and respect for it. If you’re looking for a meaningful and unique gift for your loved one, then a carefully selected piece of antique jewellery could be the gift idea that you need, particularly as each item is one of a kind, with it’s own story to tell – just like your loved one.

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