Go Gears Super Spin Speedway Review

A while back we were sent the Go Go Gears Super Spin Speedway set from Tobar from review. All of the boys love cars and Mr Z had his eye on this type of set for a while so I was interested to try it out.

The set includes one car and a track, complete with a large drum tunnel that allows the car to complete several loops inside the tunnel before continuing down the track. This aspect seems quite different to other tracks we’ve seen as is very cool. All of the kids were really impressed with it and excited by watching the car zoom down the track.

go gears

The Go Gears Super Spin Speedway track needs assembly once removed from the box. Full instructions are included but I preferred to leave that task to Mr Z and his dad to complete together, which they did without any problems. The assembled track is quite large so building it in a child’s bedroom would probably be the best idea so that you could just leave it out and won’t need to move it. (You may need to disassemble and reassemble when moving it from room to room due to the size)

go gears car trackThe track is comprised of a long straight section to give the car a good run up, and then the loop tunnel. To give the car its momentum you pull it back, and then release. It will then speed along the track and straight into the tunnel where it will loop several times before coming out onto the other side of the track. It reaches scale speeds of 200m per hour which is really impressive.

The set is actually a lot more impressive than I was expecting and it feels very sturdy for the price. The track does not come apart at all while playing, and does not feel in any way flimsy. For under £20 (current Amazon prize £16.55) this is fantastic value!

go gears loop tunnel


As you can see here, the loop tunnel is pretty large so it loops around and around several times and gives a great effect.

go gears super speedway


The set appeals to all of the boys (ages 3, 4 and 6) although Mr Z at 6 is best able to launch the car successfully around the track. Children at the younger end of the age range can manage well with help from older siblings or parents though, and will still love to watch the cars. It’s a fun toy to play with together. Since the track is large there is room for all of the children to gather around.

See the Go Gears super spin speedway set in action here. Pictures can’t really show the full effect of this set so we took a couple of videos:

and from the side:

What do you think of the Go Gears set? Let me know in the comments

go gears super speedway

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  1. My son received this for Christmas and loved it. I admit that it is a cool concept except for the fact that the car is already disfunctional. No matter how many times you reverse it to try and wind it up it no longer works. What do I have to get new cars, are they available?


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