Getting Personal: Postal Marketing Thrives In The Automotive Industry

Nowadays, with the rise of the digital world, many car companies have forgotten the use of direct marketing. Postal marketing is still a fantastic marketing approach, especially now that it’s not used as much within the automotive industry.

Some excellent direct marketing companies out there provide postal marketing services that get your promotions into the hands of the customers you need.

What is direct mailing?

Have you ever received some advertising information in the post? That’s direct marketing, and it’s generally defined as a direct marketing strategy based on sending, on a massive scale, advertising through the post.

Postal mailing aims to reach potential customers and your brand’s future audience with a message of interest, including offers or presenting the company’s products or services.

Although it’s mass mailing, direct marketing isn’t sent to everyone without any criteria. Direct mailing has to use a good database of customers to be effective and avoid being seen as junk mail.

Before sending out the mail, a complete analysis of the target audience is conducted to define who should get the material. The ultimate goal is for the prospective customer who receives the advertising from doing something that leads to a conversion.

Why postal mailing in the automotive industry?

Despite great results across the years and its simplicity of use, the use of direct marketing has declined. But now that fewer car companies do direct mailing, there’s never been a better time to use it.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, many companies have stopped postal mailing campaigns because they think it’s outdated in the digital era.

However, offline advertising can bring, on many occasions, better results than online advertising, especially because there are very few brands that include postal mailing in their marketing plan. Using direct marketing makes you stand out from your competitors.

The public is a bit tired of all the spam they get in their email inbox. Most people have an inbox full of advertising, and although the content may interest them, they don’t end up opening any of it.

Society is beginning to feel cynical about promotional email. There is so much advertising landing in people’s inboxes that most of it can end up in the bin, even though some may be well-thought-out. People don’t see it, to begin with.

A Winning Combination

Combining online marketing with direct postal mailing is a great option to reach your target audience. You can still send out promotional emails and remember not to send them out to many of them.

If you send out the occasional postcard or letter, the audience will appreciate the personal touch, and your chances of converting will increase greatly.

Direct marketing gives the brand greater trust and credibility, which leads to almost automatic customer loyalty.

Seems like sending stuff through the post might not be such an outdated idea after all, huh? To wrap up its advantages, here are five reasons why direct marketing is still a really good idea.

1. It’s Personal

Postal mailing is personal. You can create campaigns dedicated to the customer in a unique and personalised way. Normally, you use their name and their interests and tastes with the ultimate goal that the audience receives a message and relevant content.

You can customise what they get, for example, sending them a postcard with a photo of the car they expressed interest in, and include a promotion. Many will mentally associate the photo with their desires for a new car and act on the conversion.

2. Flexibility

Flexibility is a tremendous advantage in direct mailing, as it is essentially campaigning that the company can customise. You can choose the design that best suits your brand: from magazines or coupons to a newspaper or a postcard.

Postal mailings allow you to innovate and be flexible. Original and eye-catching content for the customer can lead to real success in sales.

3. Measurable

You can always know the company’s Return On Investment and which mailings are more successful and profitable. In the case of the latter, you can take action to improve them. You know this information because you can direct people to a specific landing page or QR code, so you know they’re coming from the postal campaign.

4. Tangible

Direct marketing is a tangible strategy, i.e. you can touch it. It is becoming increasingly necessary for customers to hold what is interesting to them in their hands. We are human, and we need to touch.

In the end, postal mailing allows you to get information about your products or services into the hands of your customers. Could there be a simpler way to make yourself loved as a company?

5. Segmentation

Finally, another reason to use direct mailing is its great segmentation capacity. As we have already mentioned, it is one of the strategies that best take advantage of segmentation through the company’s databases.

You can select potential customers and send mailings based on their interests or search for new customers based on their relationship with the products or services.

An excellent, searchable database and proper initial analysis of the target audience are fundamental for the success of postal mailing campaigns.

Remember that today’s younger generation hardly gets any personal mail at all. If you personalise your advertising and send it to them in the mail, they’re more likely to open it and appreciate it. Direct marketing will always have a place in successful sales because people love to hold a promotion or coupon in their hands.

Put the offer in their hands and sell more cars.

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