Get An Academic Advantage Through Summer Camps For Kids

Did you know that over 10% of the information that your child learns in school is lost during the Summer months? Moreover, the loss is greater in older kids who are enrolled in more advanced classes! For the parents who want to ensure that their children don’t experience learning deficits after spending half the year working hard to study and advance, consider enrolling them in educational Summer camps for kids!

Monster Education has experienced and passionate instructors who will provide your child with a well-rounded curriculum in a fun and engaging way! Whether you choose to enhance their musical talents or let them channel their inner Einstein with hands-on science, your kids will boost their knowledge base and have a leg up when the upcoming school year begins!

Benefits Of Summer Camps For Kids

In this digital age, most kids spend the summer months glued to screens watching pointless television shows or playing mind numbing video games. Online summer school for kids can turn that screen time into a worthwhile experience that motivates them to attain new skills and enhances their prior knowledge of certain topics! It also facilitates a safe environment for socialization. This can be extremely beneficial if you only have one child or if your kids don’t participate in a lot of extracurricular activities.

Moreover, many times summer classes teach information that is not offered in a traditional public school syllabus. Letting your child explore unique subjects facilitates a broadening of their interests, improves their problem solving and reasoning skills and it can even increase achievement levels on annual state tests. Additionally, these courses are a fantastic opportunity to hyperfocus on topics that they may struggle with during the school year. By receiving individualized attention, instructors can tailor their teaching methods to best match your child’s learning style, allowing them to finally master the curriculum. This can build up their self-esteem, which can lead to overall academic success!

How To Avoid The Summer Slide

Studies show that “Seventy percent to 78% of students lost ground in math during the summer within the elementary school grades, compared to 62% to 73% of students in reading. The summer between 5th and 6th grade, which corresponds to the transition between elementary and middle school for many students, represented the largest summer drop in math, with 84% of students demonstrating summer slide. ”Unfortunately, if this knowledge is not recouped quickly, the losses can become cumulative. Without providing your kids with ample opportunities for learning and development throughout the entire calendar year, you are essentially halting their educational progress and enabling future struggles. Thankfully, this can be easily avoided by enrolling them in academic summer camps to keep their minds sharp! Moreover, when they are not in classes, promote the need for involvement in educational activities. 

Implement a daily reading hour or have them research facts about the locations of your upcoming family trips. Then, ask for help preparing dinner by having them measure out ingredients with something other than the tool required. For example, if you need two tablespoons of olive oil, how many teaspoons is that? If you need half a cup of flour, what is the equivalent if you are using a quarter measuring spoon? This is one way to help to maintain their basic math skills! Additionally, take them on excursions that give them different ways to expand their knowledge base. Stop by a museum, go fishing, visit the planetarium, work in the garden, make slime or go to a local television station and hop on the weather wall! Make learning hands-on and fun! Activities like these are a subtle way to teach them information without them realizing it. 

Why Monster Education?

Our philosophy is quality over quantity. This means class sizes are small and students are prioritized. Moreover, course schedules are completely personalized and individual attention is given to each and every student. One size does NOT fit all. Our goal is to give your child the specific tools that they need to succeed! With over ten classes to choose from, you can mix and match the topics that are most interesting and important for each child in your family. Best of all, Monster Education is completely virtual! By enrolling your kids in online summer camp, you guarantee that your family plans can stay intact. They can learn from the beach, their grandparent’s house or even on a cruise! This is also perfect for families that have two working parents and little time to coordinate transportation. Foster your child’s aptitude for success by letting them learn even when school is not in session! Sign them up for summer programs for kids and foster their learning opportunities at home. This will not only help them in the upcoming school year. It will also build a foundation for their academic future!

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