Fun Learning with Education Quizzes

It’s always good to find websites and resources that will help kids with their learning, without making it into too much of a chore. is a vast website that includes quizzes on all subjects for ages from KS1 all the way up to GCSE, making the site suitable for all children.

We tried it out with our three boys, two of whom are in KS1 and one is in KS2. All of them enjoy using the computer, and normally prefer computer based homework so they were happy to give it a try!

The boys found the website really easy to use, and it’s great that the site is suitable for all of their levels with quizzes clearly labelled – such as within the KS2 section the maths was labelled as being suitable for year 3 or year 4 for example so that they can quickly identify the ones that will be best for them.

All of the quizzes on the site are written by teachers, and fit in with the national curriculum to help consolidate what children have learned at school.

The site has quizzes on a wider variety of subjects than other learning sites we’ve used, which sometimes focus just on English or Maths, so that gave them the chance to go into other areas of learning like art, history and even PSHE where my 7 year old did a quiz on bullying, which was quite interesting! He enjoyed having a really wide selection of topics to choose from, and trying to improve his scores as he went along.

There’s also a blog on the Education Quizzes site, so you can read about topics like nature as well as taking part in the quizzes.

Subscription to the website is at a monthly cost of £9.95 and can be cancelled at any time. This would also be a great resource for schools to use. A school can pay Education Quizzes on behalf of the students and benefit from greatly reduced costs.  Depending on the number of students at a school, it is possible for them to sign-up students for as little as £2.00 per year.  This is a miniscule proportion of the £4,500+ that each school is paid for each student each year and we believe it is an extremely small price to pay for a school to get more engagement with the parents.  It would also win the school some brownie-points when it comes to the next Ofsted inspection!

Have you tried using Education Quizzes with your kids? If not, give it a go!

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