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The summer holidays are here, and if you have kids with lots of energy you might be thinking of ways to keep them busy and active. My three boys are really into sports at the moment, especially football, and with six weeks to fill, I decided to try them out in one of our local Fit for Sport summer activity camps.

Fit for Sport offer camps in venues all around the UK, such as leisure centres and schools. Ours was running in a nearby high school, and the children also made use of the local leisure centre pool (walking distance away) for swimming.

You can book the kids in for full days (9.30am-4.30pm), half days, or extended day sessions if you’re working and need earlier drop off and later pick ups. We went for the standard day, as swimming takes place in the afternoon so I didn’t want them to miss out on that! Here’s a time table of an example day. I liked how much variety it has, so the kids are kept busy and the time flies for them.

When dropping the kids off, I felt comfortable that the staff were friendly and welcoming to the children. They gave a special code to bring back when picking them up, or I could give that code to any family member to use if plans changed and they needed to pick up the kids, so I felt secure that these things had been thought about and they have these sensible measures in place.

My three boys are 5, 7 and 9 and although they are split into groups by age in the camp they could see each other throughout the day as they used the same hall, and went to the swimming together which was good as I prefer this to them being totally separated.

They had a mix of indoor and outdoor activities, and it’s great that swimming is offered too, to break up the day, as well as crafts for something a bit more relaxing towards the end of the day.

It’s easy to book via the Fit for Sport website, and the price works out at around £25 per child for a standard day. You can book odd days here and there if you prefer, you don’t have to commit to a full week. As I’m not working outside the home, I don’t need to book the boys in for a full week, but having the odd day at a fit for sport camp gives them somewhere to keep active, mix with plenty of kids and do something different. This was our first time using Fit for Sport activity camps, and I would use them again in the future.

The boys were provided with 2 days at the activity camp in order to review

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