Milkshake! Stars DVD Review & Giveaway

Mr T and Mr R have been enjoying Milkshake! Stars the new Milkshake! DVD which came out this week. The DVD includes a great mix of shows which can be seen on Milkshake, so it keeps their viewing varied and gives lots of options for them to choose from – with something for everyone.

milkshake! stars dvdThe Milkshake! Stars DVD includes one episode per show, totally over 2 hours of entertainment. The full contents of the DVD are:

  1. Peppa Pig – Mr Dinosaur is Lost
  2. Thomas & Friends – Fiery Flynn
  3. Little Princess – I want a Gymkhana
  4. Fireman Sam – Pontypandy Pioneers
  5. Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom – Fun and Games
  6. Toby’s Travelling Circus – Parade
  7. Pip Ahoy! – Mice Pirates
  8. Angelina Ballerina – Angelina and the disco dance craze
  9. Bert and Ernie – Meet the Loch Ness Monsters
  10. Bananas in Pyjamas – The Submarine
  11. Olly the Little White Van – Train Trouble
  12. Chloe’s Closet – Clock a doodle doo
  13. Tickety Toc – Storytime
  14. Igam Ogam – I’m Bouncing
  15. Jelly Jamm – A Day at the Races

The DVD gives the option to watch the whole thing through or to just choose the episode that you want. The boys preferred to chose the specific episode each time as they enjoyed scrolling through and making their selection. They mainly opted for their favourite characters like Thomas, Peppa Pig, Fireman Sam, Ben and Hollys Little Kingdom and Tickety Toc but it’s great to have so much variety and choice available.

Mr R has just started nursery this week and Mr T is getting ready forΒ settling into Reception, so after a tiring day out at school and nursery this DVD is great for them to sit and relax for a bit of down time.

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  2. peppa pig my son loves her! and he has loads of fireman sam clothes and wheres them all to nursery because sam is his own name he loves it lol


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