Femme Luxe Lounging Set and Dress review

We have been lounging for a year now and as much as I love the comfort of my own house, a nice cup of tea and comfy clothes its time to start shaking things up and getting ready to get out in the world again. Season is also changing and we can finally see the sun more often. With warmer days in the horizon and lockdown restrictions slowly easing we can finally feel hopeful that life will start looking more normal in the near future. So while we are still enjoying the lazy days, get your best over for a cup of coffee and check out these super cute and comfy lounging sets by Femme Luxe. Just look at us. I also love the fact that our sets are contrasting. We did not plan it at all…it just happened. The one I am wearing is the Femme Luxe Pale Pink Belted Loungewear Set and is very stretchy and the material is very nice. They have a variety of colour options for you to chose from.

The Black Co Ord set one that Anna is wearing is the same one I have in a camel colour and again, the material is extremely soft and keeps you very warm during these very long cold days.

Now changing to a more outdoorsy look, Anna chose this gorgeous Black Cropped Denim Jacket that is so versatile and the fit is perfect. You can combine it with a cute top and a nice pair of jeans but it will also look incredible with a nice black dress.

Now talking about Bodycon Dresses let me show you this absolute beauty of a dress. Like I mentioned previously things seem to be finally going back to normal, slowly I know but we are so socially deprived that we can only start getting prepared for the big day. This was the first dress I ordered from Femme Luxe and I have to confess I was a little worried. I am very picky with how dresses fit on me. They need to hug my body nicely but also be comfy. Not a very easy combination sometimes, I know. Trust me…I have so many dresses that look great but are not comfortable at all or they are very comfortable but the fit just doesn’t look right. But all the products we received from Femme Luxe so far were such high quality I decided to take a leap of faith and get a dress and they again, did not disappoint.

Femme Luxe has a great variety of gorgeous dresses with different lengths that go from mini to maxi but the midi dresses are my favourite. I had my eyes on this specific one for a while so I was really excited to try it on when it arrived. It is absolutely fabulous!!! The rushed front and back are my favourite features on this dress. The back makes your bottom pop as you can notice in the picture ant the front rushed part helps by giving you support and accentuates your curves from all angles. Its is also so comfortable for dancing. Whenever clubs reopen I will be wearing this beauty because I already tried dancing in it as you can check below on my TikTok and it works great. I was a bit worried with the fact that it is strapless and I have quite a large bust but the top gives you all the support you need and I didn’t even have to wear a strapless bra underneath.

Check out below me hitting the famous TikTok challenge “Buss It” and look how beautiful this dress is.

@lutaylor82Thanks @femmeluxe @femmeluxefinery for the lovely gift ❤️##femmeluxe ##femmeluxefinery ##bussitchallenge ##pourtoi ##Bossit2021♬ original sound – Luciana Taylor

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