I’m sure most of you have heard of Drumond Park’s LOGO game, which is the UK’s number one best selling board game for grown ups! There is also a LOGO What Am I version, which is suitable for children from 8+ so we decided to try this out with our eldest boy as he is almost 8, and always keen to try out new board games!

drumond park LOGO what am I

LOGO What Am I is a 3-6 player game, featuring lots of popular products and foods, just like the original LOGO board game, but this time it’s in the format of “guess it” “draw it” or “describe it.”

The board is colourful and bright, and comes with 6 counters for up to six players, along with a box of 250 cards to use on each turn, a 60 second timer, dice, and a small notepad and pencil for the draw it rounds.

LOGO What Am I

Every player starts their turn on a Describe it round, where they have to describe 3 words within a 60 second time frame, and the other players have to guess. The player who guesses the 3rd word correctly will win the chance to roll and move around the board, along with the player who gave the clues.

While moving around the board, the players could land on “guess it” “draw it” or “describe it” and must complete that style of challenge on their next turn.

Z (our almost 8 year old) found he liked the guess it rounds the most, and if your child is not familiar with all of the brands in the game, that style of round seems to give them the best chance at winning points, followed by the draw it rounds.


We enjoyed the variety of having different styles of rounds to complete, and all enjoyed the game. It will be great to try it out with even more players, and with some slightly older children too. It works really well for a family game night. I would say that the 8+ suggestion is correct, as younger ones often won’t have the brand knowledge to be able to guess and recognise the clues easily enough.

If you’re looking for a fun family game with lots of laughs, this will work really well, and the combination of different formats throughout the game keeps it fresh and interesting.

There are even more different types of LOGO game from Drumond Park including LOGO Grab and LOGO Billionaire, you can check out the entire family of LOGO games here.


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