Exploring The Best Crafts For Children Under The Age Of 7

Babies will spend about 95 percent of their time asleep, but as they grow they will become more active. Children between the age of two and seven are always looking for something to do. While it is up to parents to keep them occupied, it is very easy to run out of ideas after a few weeks. It is extremely difficult to choose arts and craft projects for young children, because you always have to worry about them putting the materials in their mouth. To keep your child safe, while enjoying crafts, just follow the tips provided below

Rock Painting

Most young children are intrigued with Mother Nature’s creations, especially rocks. Well, you can take this intrigue and turn it into a craft. All you need to do is take your child on a walk, so he or she can collect unique rocks that are suitable for painting. The great news is, most rocks will work as long as they are small enough for your child to hold in their hand. To create the most unique painted creations, it will be best to only choose rocks that are round and flat.

To color the rocks, you will need to collect a few supplies, including isopropyl alcohol, acrylic craft paint, paintbrushes, cotton balls and paper towel. Once you have these materials in-hand, it will be time to clean the rocks. Wash them thoroughly with soap and water and allow them to air dry prior to painting.

Encourage your child to turn their rocks into animals, flowers, creatures and cartoon characters. If you want, you can also paint some of the rocks, just to give them an idea of how the process is done.

Creating Homemade Bracelets

If you have a daughter, she will definitely enjoy making homemade bracelets and necklaces. Just take into account your child’s age, when purchasing the beads for this project. And, always supervise them throughout the project to make sure they do not put the beads in their mouth. Your local hobby store should have a broad selection of beads available. Just choose large beads that will be more difficult to swallow.

Once your child turns seven years old, you will be able to teach them to write my essay. However, this will be a trying experience, since your child will probably not be able to write very well.

Soup Can Designs

There is a good chance that you have a few soup cans rolling around in the bottom of your garbage can from last night’s dinner. As long as these cans have not been dented and dinged, they can easily be utilized to create some of the most amazing craft projects for your kids. While you will also need a few other nuts and bolts, these types of projects can really teach your kids about mechanics and arts. You can easily create feet for your animals by screwing nuts on the ends of machine screws. Or, you can create whiskers for your dog by placing screws on the edges of magnets. Place the magnets inside the can and it will hold the whiskers in place on the outside. Whatever design you choose it doesn’t matter, because both you and your child will have an incredible time bringing these barnyard animals to life.

If you want to take the project a step further you can even go as far as painting the animals.

Sock Art

Every household probably has several pairs of socks that need to be retired to the garbage. While these socks might contain rips, stretches, and holes, they can be extremely useful when it comes to dressing up stuffed animals. With just a few snips you can easily turn these orphaned socks into creative clothing for your kid’s stuffed animals. To create a hoodie you want to cut the sock form the toe to the ankle, while using the heel portion of the sock as the hood. Just be sure to mark and cut the appropriate openings for the arms.

In order to create a sweater all you have to do is cut the ankle portion of the sock straight off. And, then cut off the toe portion of the cap to create a cap.

Popsicle Art

Popsicles are not only delicious, but they can be extremely handy when it comes to arts and crafts with your kids. You can literally create everything for log cabins to stick figures with these inexpensive items.

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