European Holiday Destinations for Families with Children

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If you are already looking ahead to your next holiday, and fancying going somewhere a little different then hopefully you may enjoy the ideas suggested in this guest post. I have been to Switzerland about a year ago but would love to visit the other destinations! Let me know if you have been, and what your experiences were!

Good European holiday destinations for families with children

 Choosing the right destination for your family holiday can be a tricky affair and without careful research you could end up regretting your choice for years to come. This is particularly relevant nowadays because modern life often doesn’t allow for many opportunities to spend quality time with your loved ones and so the annual family holiday should be perfect in every respect. But which part of the globe is going to provide you and your family with cherished moments that you’ll be reliving for years to come?


 Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and home to the world’s second oldest amusement park – Tivoli Gardens. Opened way back in 1843, Tivoli still attracts a huge number of visitors each year with over 4 million people patronising the park in 2012. Covering some 21 acres of space, Tivoli boasts numerous roller coasters, beautifully landscaped gardens, a concert hall, a theatre and over 400,000 flowers. Free music, nightly fireworks and a great range of culinary delights makes Tivoli a firm favourite for family holidays. Tivoli also features two on-site hotels, which makes staying with children even more convenient.

Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen:

 tivoli gardens denmark

Another great place to visit with kids in Denmark is Legoland, Billund. Since it opened in 1968, over 50 million visitors have passed through its gates, making it the largest tourist attraction in Denmark outside Copenhagen. As well as roller coasters and water rides, Legoland’s main spectacle is its Mini Land, which is built using over 25 million lego bricks and features famous buildings from across Denmark and all over the world.


A visit to Lapland in winter is surely every child’s dream. After all, Lapland is the place where Father Christmas lives and visiting his country during the festive season is something truly magical. Dog-pulled sleigh rides, reindeer racing, skiing and ice fishing are just some of the activities on offer in Lapland.

October to March is the most exciting time to visit Lapland because it is the time of year when you are most likely to witness the spectacular Aurora Borealis (northern lights). However, another truly amazing wonder of nature is the endless daylight from June to August, brought about by the midnight sun. This provides many fantastic opportunities to visit the country’s beautiful national parks or experience the thrill of white water rafting.

Aurora borealis, Lapland:

aurora borealis northern lights lapland


Switzerland is landlocked and bordered by five other countries but this does not detract from its appeal as a family holiday destination. Switzerland features pristine lakes and beautiful mountain villages, which are just some of the attractions that ensure this country provides great family entertainment all year round. Switzerland is like an outdoor playground for children, boasting Europe’s highest peaks and sublime mountain-scaling train rides up to picturesque villages.

Switzerland also offers something that every child loves – chocolate! Its international reputation for producing high quality chocolate is unchallenged and most children will recognise the famous brands on sale in Switzerland. Dads needn’t feel left out though as Switzerland is also renowned for making top quality watches and companies like Watches of Switzerland offer a fantastic range.

Which of the holiday destinations appeals to you the most? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I’ve been to Copenhagen a lot with work, and visited Tivoli, would love to take Monkey there and to the real Legoland. You’ve not mentioned it, but I’d love to take Monkey to Norway. The scenery is amazing, but really you can’t go wrong with Scaninavian countries.

  2. Denmark is somewhere I’ve never considered as a family holiday destination – may have to consider it now. Looks like there’s loads for the kids to enjoy and it’s somewhere different. Thanks for the idea. x


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