Drumond Park Wally the Washer Review & Giveaway

Wally the Washer is another great fun and whacky new table top game for little ones from Drumond Park. This game focuses on Wally the washing machine, who spins just like the real thing, then spills out his washing – as young players race to collect their coloured clothes – and be the first to fill their washing line… But watch out for the dirty old sock! If it tumbles out with the washing on your turn, you must put all the clothes back and wear the giant clothes peg on your nose, until the next time the dirty sock appears!

This game is really different to others we have played, it’s silly and quirky and was a good laugh for all the family. It’s really simple to grasp the rules, so you can get playing straight away, and the game itself doesn’t take too long, so we’ve managed to fit in some quick games while waiting for dinner to cook and so on.

The game is very easy play. Each player chooses a colour which they are going to collect (4 players can be red, green, blue, or yellow) and takes the correct coloured washing line. Then all of the clothes are loaded into the washer, and the door is closed. Wally is placed in the middle of everyone and switched on, and he will then start to spin.

Every player takes a turn at stopping wally, and see what happens. Either some clothes will fall out, some clothes including the dirty sock will fall out, or none will fall out! When the clothes fall out, each player quickly grabs their colour and hangs it on their washing line.

If the dirty falls out like in the picture above, you’ll have to wear the peg on your nose!

Even adults won’t escape wearing the nose peg, which was quite funny for the boys!

If no clothes fall out at all when you stop the washer, then your turn finishes, and the game ends when one player has collected and hung up all of the clothes of their colour, and is declared the winner.

The game is suitable for ages 4+ as the concept is quite simple so even young children can grasp it quickly and enjoy playing. It’s a fun game for any age, and for all of the family to play together if you’re feeling a bit silly! However, even young children will also be able to manage playing this game on their own with their friends or siblings.

Wally the Washer is available for an RRP of £24.99 and is available from toy shops and online, including Amazon. Visit DrumondPark.com for more information on stockists.


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Wally the Washer

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  1. I’d never heard of this game before but it sounds interesting! It’s nice to see something different for once 🙂

  2. I’ve seen this quite a bit at the moment and it looks really good fun for the whole family. Perfect addition to games night.

  3. Looks great family together game, plus having 4 little ones, a washing machine is one they can all relate too and want to help with!

  4. About time the kids got involved with the washing (haha). Looks like a game suitable for the whole family, which is good as many times games are suitable for only certain age groups which means someone gets left out. Thank you for the chance to win.

  5. This looks like a great game that all 3 of mine can play together and they would all enjoy it, thanks so much for the chance


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