Oregon Scientific Smart Globe Myth Review

The Smart Globe Myth from Oregon Scientific is a 2 in 1 day and night globe, with audio stories from around the world and an Augmented Reality app that can be used to enhance the globe even further.

I love the concept of smart globes, as there is something so fascinating about exploring the map of the world and understanding more about our planet. I remember spending hours lost in the pages of our world atlas as a child, and luckily my boys have always been very interested in finding out more about the world too so the smart globe is perfect for them.

Smart Globe Myth is a really unique globe, as not only can you learn about the countries in the normal way but when it’s dark you can turn up the lights on the smart globe, and reveal a whole display of constellations which is really effective and cool. All of the kids were impressed by this, and it adds a great atmosphere as you sit and listen to the constellation myth stories with the globe lit up in this way.

The Smart Globe Myth is operated via a simple control panel at the front, which gives you options to select fairy tales, constellation myths, or earth facts. There are 12 constellation stories , 10 fairy tales , 5 categories of geography knowledge included and within each category you select which story you want by pressing the up or down arrows on the control panel to quickly scroll through your choices.

This is also where you turn the globe on and off, and adjust the brightness of the light for the light up constellation mode (three levels of brightness) and adjust the volume. The smart globe comes already set up with batteries, but can also be powered by a plug in adapter which is handy if you wanted to leave it over night as a night light. When battery power is used, the smart globe automatically turns off after 20 minutes of inactivity.

The Fairy Tales included with the globe are

  • Hansel and Gretel
  • Rumpelstiltskin
  • 3 little pigs
  • Rapunzel
  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • The Three Bears
  • Jack in the beanstalk
  • The ugly duckling
  • Princess and the pea
  • The Gingerbread Man

Which make lovely bed time stories for slightly younger children (although the globe is recommended for age 5+, our youngest was definitely drawn to it already and enjoyed these stories!) while my boys were more interested by the Zodiac constellation stories as these were something new that they weren’t already familiar with. So it was great that those were able to expand their knowledge on a new topic.

The Smart Globe app also adds another level of play and exploration with an AR (Augmented reality) feature that works with the globe, and quizzes which you can do anywhere to test the knowledge you might have picked up while playing with your smart globe.

With the AR feature, you can select whether you want to focus on animals, landmarks, dinosaurs, planets, cuisine and lots more. You hold your phone or tablet over the globe until it locks on and suddenly you’ll see things appearing in different countries, like these animals below. It’s pretty cool and added a new dimension for the kids to explore – they particularly enjoyed the dinosaurs and animals, and we still have lots to explore in some of the other categories.

The quizzes in the app are also good fun, and a lot of the answers are things that would be picked up listening to the earth facts on the globe so the more you play with the globe, the better you can get with the quizzes. The boys really enjoyed this, especially R (7 years old), and it’s handy that this quiz game can be played anywhere – with or without the globe, so it can also keep the kids busy while travelling.

Smart Globe Myth offers a lovely mix of learning and fun, and has been enjoyed by all three of our boys (7, 8 and 10). Its recommended for ages 5 and up, and is available from shops including Amazon for 39.99.

Visit the Oregon Scientific website to find out more and to see the other Smart globe options they have available.

We were sent the product in order to review


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