3 Sports for Parent and Child

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Having a child is no easy task. You have to keep them entertained, especially over the holidays, meaning as an adult, you do not have a lot of down time for yourself. While you will want to bond with your child, you also need to have your own fun. Luckily, there are many ways for you to merge the two so that the whole family can benefit.

Playing a sport with your child is not only a method of keeping them entertained, but it is also a way to encourage exercise and a healthier, more active lifestyle. Plus, with sports, there is always the change of it flourishing into a competitive, professional career as they age.

  1. Scootering

What young boy and girl (and fully-fledged adult) doesn’t enjoy learning and performing tricks on a scooter? Scootering is a great opportunity for children and adults to start as beginners and build towards the more professional and difficult tricks. Beginners can start on an affordable but excellent Xootz Stunt Scooter, and then as they progress, move onto a Blazer Pro. Scootering doesn’t have to be an expensive sport, either. Companies such as Skates, for instance, have an extensive selection of beginner level and extreme model stunt scooters, with such brands like Xootz, Grit and Blazer.

To start, purchase a good quality scooter for both you and your child. Then, look online for tutorials on some of the easy tricks; YouTube is an excellent resource for such tutorials. Performing stunts on a scooter is no easy task, so give it time. Keep practicing, and only once you’ve mastered a trick should you move onto another one.

  1. Swimming/Diving

Most kids will learn to swim at some point in their lives, so why not make it a bonding experience? Take your kid to the nearest swimming pool and teach them all the different swimming techniques. Once they have mastered the basics, there’s the opportunity to compete in swimming races. Then, there’s also the possibility of teaching your child how to dive properly or perform tricks.

Of course, another sport you could indulge you and your child in is scuba diving. Check with any of your local swimming pools and see whether they offer such experiences. If they do not, the next time you go on holiday, see whether the opportunity arises.

  1. Skiing

Depending on where you live, you may be able to bring out the skis every winter. If this is not the case, however, you may want to make skiing abroad a frequent experience. Skiing is a great sport for adults, and if you have children, there are many ski instructors available to help them with their first trip or ski slope. This means the adults can unwind, and then once the children are ready, can join them on the mountain slopes.

Skiing is a great sport for older kids because it can be tiring and hard work. Be sure to assess whether your children would be able to enjoy skiing before booking a trip, however!

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  1. Thank you for this fun post! Everyone’s heard of the benefits of team sports for kids and teens, but I’d never really considered the options that adults can participate in. I love spending time with my nephew, and I think he would really dig scootering. Great ideas, Anna!

  2. Good article. Skiing is a great fun for the whole family and it a great way to spend the time with your family. It can be a bit exspensive though if you have a big family so it maybe not fit all but I am on your side, i love it!

  3. Thank you for post! I work as a sport teacher for children at school and I will send it to my kids parents. This is very useful tips! I see how parents struggle. They want only good for there kids, but they do not know how. Thank you!

  4. I really enjoyed reading your blog post about sports for parents and children. It’s so important to find activities that allow us to bond with our kids while also promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. Scootering, swimming/diving, and skiing are fantastic suggestions! Thanks for sharing these ideas and inspiring families to have fun together. Keep up the great work!


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