Drumond Park’s brand new table-top game, Crazy Claw, brings the never-forgotten thrills of the gaming arcade to youngsters aged 5 and up! Crazy Claw (rrp £22.99, for 2-4 players) is a colourful, action packed game of boiling, bouncing balls and a grabbing claw, operated by each child in turn.

We were sent a copy of the game to try out, and one lucky In The Playroom winner will have a chance to win a Crazy Claw game for their own family too! (Enter via the Gleam widget at the end of this post)


My kids are always interested in claw arcade machines when we see them out and about, at service stations or in the arcades at bowling, so it’s a really fun and different idea to have a game based on this at home!

To play the game, first you need to set up the Crazy Claw machine, and put the tokens into each of the balls.


You fold down the claw machine each time to store it back in the box, but the rest of this set up is one time only.

Once everything is set up, each player takes one of the four cards which show the three tokens you need to collect from the Crazy Claw machine:


Each player takes turns with the claw, while the other players jiggle around the contents of the machine using the levers at the sides. Once the player manages to grab a ball, they open it up and see if the token matches one of their pictures on their card.


If it does, they get to keep this token, but if not then they have to put it back and try again next time.


The claw is quite easy to use. My 5 year old managed it without any frustration. I would say the recommended age of 5+ is about right, and he really enjoyed the game.


One small improvement I would suggest is that we would have liked there to be more of the cards included for a bit more variety while playing. However, I think there’s quite a lot of potential to make up your own ideas with this game. I am planning to print out some cards of my own for different topics like sight words, Arabic letters, or anything I want to learn with the kids in a fun way – you can easily put your own things inside the balls and play the game in the same way, so it might be a handy one to make learning fun – as well as playing it just as it comes.


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Crazy Claw

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