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One of the main challenges of summer can be getting the kids out of the house. It definitely takes a lot to get them to play outside, and it’s never long before they are back indoors on their devices. But don’t give up! There are still fun, screen-free ways to get the little ones outdoors.

One trick that always gets my kiddos excited is craft time. So, why not make a craft they can use while outdoors? That’s right, have your kids help make a DIY kite! This fun project will keep things fresh and exciting for everyone. Have your big kids help make the kite (there is a little bit of sawing involved), and your younger ones can help decorate. Once they see the final product that they helped create, they will be so excited to go use it outside.

To help pick a decoration theme, check out these printable kite decals from Personal Creations. You and your kids can choose from ocean creatures, funny sayings, and goofy faces. Or use them all!

If your kids love getting crafty, have them add their own decorations to the kite. Lay out some crayons, stickers, markers, or glitter to choose from. Make sure they decorate their kite paper before making the kit, as this allows a flat surface to draw on.

After that, you can begin crafting the kite. Here are the steps.

You will need:

  • Two ¼ inch wooden dowels

  • 36 inch sheet of paper

  • Roll of twine (65 ft or longer)

  • Ruler

  • Masking tape

  • Pencil

  • Hand saw

  • Measuring tape

  • Kite printables and other decorations

Step 1: With the hand saw, cut your wooden dowels. One should measure 24 inches, and the other 33 inches.

Step 2: Saw small divots into the end of your dowels. These will later help hold the string in place that goes around the border of the kite.

Step 3: Draw a mark 11 inches from the top of your longer 33 inch dowel. Place the shorter dowel across the mark to make the classic “t” shape of a kite.

Step 4: Wrap the dowels together with twine. If you like, you can reinforce the center with hot glue.

Step 5: Take one long piece of twine and wrap it around the outside of the dowels, resting in the divots you sawed earlier. This will create a diamond shape. Glue the string into the divots if needed.

Step 6: Lay the frame of the kite over your children’s dried and decorated paper. Trim it into the diamond shape, leaving a 2 inch border on all sides.

Step 7: Fold the corners in and tape them down. Then, fold and tape the rest of the edges. The kite sail is now done!

Step 8: Poke holes near the top and bottom of the kite. Take a 24 inch piece of twine and tie them through the holes. This creates a brindle string, which will help the kite catch the wind later on.

Step 9: Next, measure out your flying string. It should be 5 times the site of the kite, so in this case 160 inches long will suffice. Tie this string directly to the middle of the brindle string.

Step 10: Spruce up your kite with any ribbons or bows. It is now ready to fly and have fun with!

I hope you enjoy this fun summer craft!

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