Backpacking Germany Travel Guide – Family Edition

Between work, children and household duties, all families need a break from time to time. And if you are a cityscape lover, a food and beer lover, but also a backpacking lover, Germany seems to meet all the criteria on your list for a perfect backpacking week. Germany has plenty to offer, from a rich history to a richer cuisine, a stunning architecture and beer, of course. Below are some tips and tricks that will help you choose an itinerary, but also a small packing list and more.

How to pick a three-week backpacking itinerary

If your children are too small to attend school or kindergarten, a three-week trip will certainly fit your schedule. Germany has an extraordinary railway system, but also some affordable car rental prices. So, whatever your go-to transportation mean is, there is something to fit your preferences. A popular itinerary is Berlin – Munich – Dresden – Hamburg and everything in between. While you will certainly enjoy the vibrant spirit of the big metropolis, small cities are also worthwhile. The architecture of the smaller cities is a stunning, picturesque one and the forests bordering each one of them will certainly thrill you and your children. Germans are quite outdoorsy people, and you will have plenty to do while in the country, besides the obligatory museums and opera houses. Consider the Octoberfest period for a real German experience.

Bring papers and documents

Of course, all legal matters have to be covered, especially when travelling with children. Book a Germany Schengen visa appointment in London and get visas for all family members. Besides, everybody should have at the customs the following:


The clothing that you have to bring with you varies enormously depending on the season. For the colder months, prepare for a lot of rain and low temperatures. Even during the warmer months, you should bring with you some waterproof essentials, as it can get rainy quite often, quite unexpectedly. Make sure to dress your children in layers (and so should you) if you travel during the colder months. If you go inside for lunch or for a hot cup of coffee, the temperatures will be significantly higher.

Invest in waterproof backpacks for everybody, including your children. Their drawing supplies and gadgets will get damp or soaking wet if not. During the winter, the issue isn’t the low temperatures, as they gravitate around 1 degree Celsius, but the constant rain and grey low skies. For your children, bring a refillable water bottle. German restaurants don’t serve tap water at all.

These are some easy-to-follow guidelines you can follow next time when backpacking Germany with children. Germany is a very children-friendly country and you will have no issues getting around with them.

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