Disney Vacation – Disney World Orlando vs Disneyland Paris

Searching for a fun adventure for you and the kids? Wondering which Disney theme park would keep the entire family entertained? There are pros and cons for both Paris and Orlando, but a Disney vacation in Florida will be a dream come true.

When choosing the best destination for your family holiday, you need to consider the time of year and weather. One of the best features of Disney World Orlando is the nice weather all year. If you want to surprise the kids with a Christmas gift they will never forget – book your trip to Florida. Spending time at Disneyland Paris during December would be freezing.

Another favorite in Orlando is the size and number of parks. Disney World offers four theme parks, two water parks, two themed mini-golf courses, four adult golf courses, over twenty themed resort hotels, and a camping resort. Paris only offers two parks and the space is much smaller. Orlando also offers a variety of food and drinks like Butterbeer and LeFou’s Brew, just remember food in both Orlando and Paris is a little expensive.

All the cast members and characters in Florida speak English in contrast to France where you might have some problems. A few of the French cast members have been known to be a little rude to foreigners in contrast to most Americans going out of their way to make sure guests and children have an amazing time in Orlando. 

If your brood spans a range of ages, Orlando will again meet all your needs. While you are spending time with the little ones at It’s a Small World or Toy Story, the older kids can visit Splash Mountain, the Test Track in Epcot or the Star Wars tour. Another perk in Orlando is the infrequent ride delays due to break down. Many guests who have visited Paris often complain about rides breaking down and spending time waiting.

Price is also a consideration when planning a holiday with the kids. Although the flight from the UK to Paris might be cheaper and shorter, the flight to Florida is worth it for the overall experience. Try to book the flight at least a few months in advanced to save on cost.

Hotels and resorts are another expense you need to think about. You can get some amazing deals by buying or renting a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) timeshare resale online from an existing DVC owner. These are timeshare units within one of the Disney resorts that are available for sale and rent by owner at significant discounts. If you choose to buy in to DVC, remember that it’s possible to sell DVC points online later to recoup some of the cost.

You may have second thought about buying a timeshare because of the negative comments you have heard or seen online. Maybe you have asked yourself as to why are timeshares a bad idea? This is because timeshare is not really an investment because it’s rare that it increases value. However, if your payments are up to date, you will always have the right to use a vacation property every year.

Staying at a Disney resort is the best way to get the most from a Disney vacation. You can have breakfast with the Disney princesses, schedule early arrivals at the park, and enjoy fireworks at the end of the night from the comfort of your hotel room. Each resort has a different theme, so make sure to research all the different options.

Whether you have visited Disney many times in the past or you are planning your first Disney holiday, choosing the best park and resort will make the vacation memorable and enjoyable for the whole family.

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