Disney on Ice Worlds of Enchantment Review

Disney on Ice Worlds of Enchantment is the latest Disney on Ice show currently touring the UK. We went along to the Wembley Arena show over Easter and as expected, it was a brilliant performance. We have seen a few different Disney on Ice shows over the years, and they always manage to entertain our entire family. This time our children were 9, 8, 6 and 1.

Worlds of Enchantment is split into four sections, each telling a Disney story through dance. The show kicks off with Toy Story, after an introduction from Mickey and Minnie of course. The Toy Story section re-tells a condensed version of the Toy Story 3 story line, with an appearance from Lotso Huggin Bear, who has to be the cutest Disney villain!

We were seated in the upper seating level at the side of the stage, which we haven’t been in before as we’ve tended to get the lower level seats at the front before but the view was decent enough from where we were sitting. This is a shot of the Barbie and Ken dream weaver routine from Toy Story.

After Toy Story, the show moves on to an older more classic Disney tale – The Little Mermaid. Again, it’s a condensed telling of the story and this part of the show is really colourful with bubbles, amazing fish costumes, and you will see a submarine come out onto the ice carrying children who have been lucky enough to win the chance to ride in it!

This section feels a little shorter than the Toy Story segment, and then it is the interval which gives you the chance for a quick wander around to stretch your legs, toilet break and get any refreshments you want – ice cream, popcorn, and burgers are all sold as well as loads of choice of Disney souvenirs if you want to buy. With a young toddler, the interval to have a walk around comes just at the right time as the first half is around an hour so it is quite a long time for them to sit. However, the show is so bright and colourful and musical, that it does keep even young ones entertained.

My toddler is 15 months old, and her favourite part was the Cars section which comes straight after the interval. In fact, the Cars bit was all of our favourites as it’s really impressive and magical to see Lightning McQueen and his friends out skating on the ice!

The cars section is quite short. It would have been great to have it slightly longer as it’s such a cool part of the show, but it moved on to Frozen which is another really impressive part of the show and one that you can tell the audience has been waiting for! You always see a lot of children in costume for Disney on Ice, and in recent years it’s definitely little Elsas and Annas that you see the most. Olaf gets an amazing reaction when he comes on to the ice too! It is really lovely to see all of the children enjoying it.

As with the other segments, the Frozen part of the show retells the entire story of the movie in a condensed form, including many of the songs. Let it Go is an amazing performance, with beautiful staging and gorgeous costumes.

We really enjoyed the show, and would definitely recommend Disney on Ice to other families. This particular Disney on Ice Worlds of Enchantment show has a nice mix of classic Disney and Pixar stories, which means it has a wide appeal for boys and girls, with the Toy Story and Cars elements.

I did miss that there wasn’t as many of the Disney princesses featured as some of the previous shows, but rather than featuring more characters for a shorter period in this show you do get more in depth with each of the four stories that are featured.

The show is continuing on to Cardiff and then Aberdeen next. Visit the Disney on Ice website to find out more and book tickets.

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