Lumo Stars Northern Brights

Lumo Stars are a brand new range of cuddly collectables that are being released this month! Tactic’s Lumo Stars range are inspired by Nordic nature and mythologies and are really cute.

We have a lot of cuddly toys in our house already – so what makes this range different? The Lumo Stars characters are born from a successful story book named Northern Brights, and there’s also a free app to go along with the Lumo buddys – both of which got my kids quite interested, and I felt gave more background and personality to the cuddly toys.

The range includes sizes from mini key rings, to classic 15cm Lumo Stars up to the big 24cm Lumo Stars, with prices ranging from 3.99 to 12.99 per plush, and there’s a wide range of animals and colours to suit all personalities. The animals are based on animals found living in Nordic countries, in realistic and fantasy colours.

Our Lumo Stars were all quickly shared out among the four children with all of them being very happy with the ones they got, and finding something that suited nicely.

 You can see the full range here on the Meet Us page of the Lumo Stars website.

Many of our Lumo Stars plushes are featured in the Northern Brights story book (RRP 15.00), which is beautifully illustrated and introduces children to the natural phenomena of the Northern Lights. The story goes through some of the animal characters wondering why they have to have winter, and missing the sunny weather, but then they think of all the benefits that winter brings and understand why it’s actually a good thing – particularly because the beautiful Northern Lights can only be seen in the cold air!

The storybook is very nicely done, and I really liked the concept of having the plushes featured within the book, as not only does it get the children more invested in the characters of the cuddly toys and make them stand out from the crowd but it encourages them in reading too so it is a win-win.

Each of the Lumo Stars has shiny iridescent eyes, and after reading the book you find out that it’s the colours of the Northern Lights reflecting in their eyes, which is pretty cool!

They also have nice soft fur and each one has a tag which tells you it’s name along with some details about personality. You will also find a QR code on the tags which you can scan in the free Lumo Stars app to load that buddy into your game.

The concept of having apps with toys can be quite hit or miss in our experience but I was pretty impressed with the Lumo Stars app. It is free, well made, easy to use and has a decent amount of fun content inside including games to play with each buddy, as well as the ability to look after them by feeding them and putting them to sleep. You can also add accessories and take pictures, or change their backgrounds, all of which my kids found fun to do.

You can keep track of your collection within the app by scanning each one in as you add to your collection, and you can add a custom name for each scanned toy too.

Find out more about the app here on the Lumo Stars site


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