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Over the next couple of months, we’ll be working with Tots100 and Vtech to show you the new Vtech DigiGo. We’ve had the device for a couple of weeks, so today I’ll be sharing our first impressions Vtech DigiGo review.

Vtech DigiGo is a new hand held smart device for kids. It’s smaller than a tablet, but a little larger than a typical phone, and is suited to kids aged 3-8 years old. My boys are 4, 5 and 7 – so all within the DigiGo age range, and all of them have really enjoyed using this, especially my 5 year old who loves it the most.

How we use the Vtech DigiGo with our kids. It has wifi messaging to mum and dad and other approved adults, and other cool features

The Vtech DigiGo comes with a 4.3 inch touch screen, and a 2MP rotatable camera, to take photos or videos. It also has a Kid Connect feature which uses Wifi to allow the kids to send messages to parents, or any other approved adults who have the app on their phone. This is the first device I’ve seen with this messaging feature and my kids love it!

They can type out messages, or send photos or videos that they’ve taken. It’s easy for young children too, because they can choose prewritten phrases, or send voice messages if they prefer rather than typing everything out themselves. It’s a really easy and nice way for kids to communicate with parents, particularly if the boys dad is travelling with work (which he does quite often) they can just send a little message any time!

My boys also love using the video feature to film each other, and will spend ages happily making up videos together. It’s really easy to use, so they don’t need any adult assistance they were able to work out and use all of the features straight away.

When you first get the DigiGo, it comes with 4 free game downloads which you can select from the Vtech Learning Lodge and load onto the DigiGo via USB. There is also one game automatically included within the DigiGo. If you want more, you can download them via the Learning Lodge for an additional cost. Most of the games we looked at were around 2.99 or 4.99, so that’s not too bad considering all of the games are educational and good quality age appropriate games with nice graphics and no in app purchases like some games you would download on your own phone, but the 5 included games have been plenty for us for now.

You can also download additional videos and music to listen and watch on the DigiGo, and can plug in headphones which makes this feature handy for kids while travelling.

The DigiGo box also includes a charger and USB wire, a wrist strap and two styluses for the device (one fits at the back, and one is a spare in case it gets lost). It’s easy to charge using the provided charger, and means that you don’t need to change batteries at all which is much more practical.

As you can see, the device is pretty robust and well built to make it child proof. It should be able to handle plenty of use. We have had other Vtech products in the past, that have always been good quality so I expect the DigiGo to last just as well.

vtech digigo review

To see the DigiGo in action, watch this short video of my 5 year old, T, showing you some things he likes to do with the Vtech DigiGo.

(He’s a little hard to understand in some places – that’s because he has some disabilities that affect his speech, I’m sure you can see his enthusiasm shining through though! )

Click here to find out more about the DigiGo on the Vtech website

DigiGo is available from all good toy shops, including online at Amazon (RRP 79.99)

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  1. I have bought this my daughter for christmas little did i know the setting up is horrendous ive tried to contact vtech for help and had no response after my 4th email i have given up im so disappointed the learning lodge is constantly down i have now had this 2 weeks and its now two days till christmas and i am working up to 9 pm christmas eve so wont be able to return this till the new year


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