Dino Supersaurus books range

As Parragon Book Buddies, we were sent some of the new Dino Supersaurus books: Dino Supersaurus Stickersaurus and Dino Supersaurus Superpower colouring.

Dino Supersaurus books range

These are great activity books ideal for keeping the boys busy. We took them with us on our holiday recently and they were ideal for those moments of down time when you are getting ready to go out, or in between activities. They would also be perfect for keeping kids entertained at home when having a quiet day during the school holidays.

Each book comes with a cover mounted small gift, which gives the books instant appeal to kids in the same way that they are attracted to magazines with cover gift. The books are a similar price to a magazine, but I would say there is a lot more to do in the books so it is better value.

dinosupersaurus flick book

This is the gift from Super Power Colouring – a small flick book. I remember enjoying flick books as a child and this is the first one Mr Z has got! I’m sure most people remember these from their childhood but for those who don’t – a flick book is a small book with very similar pictures on each page just with slight changes, so that when you flick through the pages quickly it gives you an animation effect as though the story is changing in front of your eyes!

dino supersaurus flip book

The Dino Supersaurus range combines dinosaurs and superheroes making them really appealing and fun. There is a story along side the activities in each book, and I would say this is best aimed at age 5 or 6 years old.

dino supersaurus colouring book

There are lots of details on each page and plenty to keep children’s attention.

dino supersaurus sticker book

 The boys all enjoyed these books and were happy to share them together. Although the books are more suitable for Mr Z’s age, Mr T and Mr R are the most into dinosaurs so he did let him join in with some of the colouring and stickers which they really enjoyed.

boys colouring dinosupersaurus books

These are lovely activity books. I would recommend them for any children who are interested in dinosaurs, superheroes or both! There are more Dino Supersaurus books in the same range, including a doodlesaurus book.

boy colouring dino supersaurus book

These books are available from many good book shops including Amazon


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