Designing Your Own School Badges: A Simple Guide for Beginners

Designing Your Own School Badges: A Simple Guide for Beginners

Some schools may ask their IT specialist together with the marketing team to make a school badge that will be distributed to all the new students. If it is a new school, there is probably no template to follow. For those schools that have been in operation and have used badges in the past, it is all about pulling the template out and processing the badges through an expert. When making a school badge from an original design for the first time, there are crucial tips to follow. These tips will save the school a lot of money, and the result will be amazing.

Make a Plan

Of course, the plan is to make a school badge with the logo of the school. With the logo ready, the IT and marketing personnel should now brainstorm to decide where the logo will be on the face of the badge and what additional information should be included. The overall design and material of the badge should also be determined at this point. A report is then prepared for the top management to approve.

Choosing Free or Paid Online Badge Templates

With the advancement of technology, there are numerous free or inexpensive badge templates that you can use. The majority of them are helpful in designing and making a badge that will attract people’s attention and will take the reputation of your school to another level.

While here, it all starts with picking the design that you want. Each of the designs displays the final appearance of the school badge once it has been customised to accommodate the school logo and any other message that you selected earlier. According to experts at Rocket Badge, a website that makes custom badges, choosing the help of an expert for a fee is very crucial. These professionals will make sure that your final product is the most compelling.

Have a Professional Make the Physical Badge

Many online websites that help people to design the badges do not carry out the physical work. However, some will go ahead to offer these services, and your work will be a lot easier. Most consist of experienced professionals and have a reputation to maintain especially if their templates are paid for.

If you have the design in soft copy and prefer to use a different expert to make the school badges, it is recommended to research thoroughly about their services and where they get their materials. In addition to the design of the badge and what it is made of, neat finishes make a big difference between a badge that will be worn by students and one that will be thrown away. Important things to emphasise are the use of actual colour, a lightweight badge, the ideal size and a badge with neat edges that will not scratch fabric or pull out threads.


Once your well-designed and made school badges are ready, the next action is to distribute them. The management should deliberate on this action because it matters a lot. Will the badges be given to all students or only a specific group?


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