5 Great Ways To Encourage A Young Child’s Creative Side.

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Children are naturally curious, and as such when they are young is the best time to encourage this curiosity and nurture their creative sides. Here we are going to look at 5 great ways to encourage your kids in this way.

Encourage Drawing & Painting 

Kids will do this on their own, of course, but sometimes it’s good for bonding between you and the little one and can encourage exploring, life, thoughts, and emotions through expression in art. You can discuss what they are drawing, why and what it means to them? It can be really lovely to see how they see the world and their place in it through their art.

Keep Music In Their Lives

Music is everywhere, and no-where as much as in the minds and souls of little kids. We are encouraged to sing to little ones, even before they are born as it’s true that music can be essential to the development of children. So singing nursery rhymes and encouraging making up your own songs can be a great idea.

Drama & Modelling

Children love to role play and certainly if they are anything like ours they also love to show off. So allowing them to get involved in drama can be a natural extension of that. Local drama clubs are very accessible and allow them to learn singing, acting, and dance in an organised setting, it’s good for them and so cute to go and see them in their performances. If your child has the talent and the desire to go beyond just performing in local drama group performances then you can look at putting them forward for roles in professional plays, TV productions such as dramas and advertising, or even modelling, and if so you will want to look up reputable child agencies in the UK that you can register with and they will find your child work to go forward for.

Makeup Bedtime Stories

Every kid loves a bedtime story and to add a bit of extra fun and excitement it’s always cool to make up your own. Kids especially love it when you incorporate them into the narrative of the story. You can also encourage that you construct these stories between you and your child making a collaborative effort in a creative pursuit.

Take Educational Trips

Taking the kids on trips to places like museums and educational resources, such as science centers, etc. It can be a great way to get them to ask questions, and experience learning in a hands-on way that they won’t get to experience at school or nursery. Planning the trip is key and it’s important to be sure you know to get there early or buy tickets in advance if it’s a popular attraction. Be sure you know about parking and transport before you go and research the availability and pricing of food, as it may be easier, and, of course, cheaper to bring a packed lunch.

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