Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Royal Snowball 12 pack Review

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Hatchimals CollEGGtibles are small collectable Hatchimal figures which come inside little eggs that you need to rub to hatch. You can’t miss hearing about Hatchimals as they have been such a popular toy for the past few years, especailly at Christmas, but this was our time trying out Hatchimals for ourselves and N has been having so much fun with this set.

We received the Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Royal Snowball 12 pack, which comes in a cute egg box style container that can be used to store all of your Hatchimals and accessories once you have hatched all of your eggs, making it really easy to keep them all organised.

When you first open the box, you will see 10 gorgeous glittery eggs revealed, and 2 little Hatchimals already waiting to be played with. You also get a leaflet showing you all of the Hatchimals in the series which you can compare and tick off with your child if they are trying to complete the whole set.

We really liked how sparkly and glittery the little eggs are. It was almost a shame to crack them open because they are so pretty! But of course we wanted to find out what treasures were lurking inside.

To hatch the eggs, you need to keep rubbing until the heart turns from a dark purple into pink, then you will be able to push through with your thumb and crack the egg open.

N had a lot of fun with the hatching process, and it took her a while to hatch each one (with help from me for some of the eggs). I found this let us spread the Hatchimals over a few days, so she would take her time to hatch a few and play with them, so the fun lasted us longer that way and kept up the excitement.

Within each of the eggs, you also get an accessory item for your Hatchimals, which could be a bobble hat, or a hair brush – a crown, or a little snowman.. there are lots of different ones included and you can mix and match them all between the Hatchimals.

These add to the fun and N particularly liked the hair brush, which also came with a hair extension for the hatchimal to clip in, and the crown.

The Hatchimals Royal Snowball pack has been lots of fun for N, both in the hatching process and in playing with the figures once they’ve all been revealed. They are so cute to collect, with each one having a different look and style.

Now that she’s got her first Hatchimals, I’m sure she will want to add to her collection in future! I would buy a similar pack in future, as I feel they do offer good value..

To find out more about other fun Hatchimals products, and the chance to win, make sure to join in with the Hatchimals #WeekofWow Twitter party on the 9th November at 6pm! 

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