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This decorated wooden heart craft is simple and fun to make, and is a great way to use up some creativity. You can write a personal message on the back, mount a mirror on the reverse side to make a handy pocket mirror, or attach a ribbon to use as a hanging decoration.

Decorated wooden heart craft for Valentines day

To decorate this wooden heart we used:

  • Wooden heart (similar to this UK / US)
  • Nail Varnish / Nail Polish. I used what I had hanging around in the bathroom cabinet but you can buy various colours very cheaply like this UK / US
  • Heart Confetti (UK / US)
  • Bostik Micro dots (UK / US)
  • Bostik Glitter Pens (UK / US)

You should be able to pick up these supplies at any craft shop, or adapt them to whatever you have on hand. Amazon affiliate links are included above for your convenience.

supplies for decorated wooden heart


How to make the decorated wooden heart

First add your stripes of nail varnish to give some colour to the heart. Depending on colour, you may want a couple of coats. The darker pin that you see on this heart is one coat, and the light peach is two coats (you may not be able to see this colour so well in the photos, but it does show up in real life!)

Then, you will need to wait for the nail varnish to be fully dry before continuing with your decorating. We left ours over night, but a few hours should be plenty. IMG_3878Once it’s dry, you’re ready to add more details.

We used the Bostik Micro dots to stick on the heart confetti. Bostik Micro dots are tiny tiny little bits of glue, so it’s ideal for these small and fiddly items like confetti or sequins. Once you open the pack, the micro dots are so small that you can barely see each one, so we just took each confetti heart and pressed it on to the sheet to coat the back in the sticky glue dots and that worked perfectly. The micro dots are very sticky, so anything you stick will be firmly attached using these.

IMG_3883We stuck these one by one to create a pattern and then alternated with dots of the Bostik glue pen. These are very easy to use, and the glitter glue flows out easily.

IMG_3888You will need to leave the heart to dry once again, for the glitter glue to dry off and then you’re done!

Once the heart is dry, turn it over and write your message, stick your mirror or whatever you have decided for the opposite side. You could do a similar decoration on both sides if you are going to add string and use the heart as a hanging decoration.

It would be fun to decorate multiple hearts in different designs. There are lots of options you could come up with using similar supplies.

For preschool children this may be a bit fiddly so this craft would be best for school aged children.

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