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There is a new magazine for kids released today! – DC Super Friends Magazine!

DC Super Friends MagazineThis is aimed at ages 2-5 years, and features all the well known super heroes from the DC Comics, but in a way that is made more suitable for the younger readers.
The artwork is a little more rounded and soft in style, and just looks that bit cuter – although it is still very recognisable and true to the characters so that it will appeal to children who are already familiar with these superheroes.

dc comics dc superfriends magazineEach magazine comes with a free gift and the gift with this issue was a pair of “cool communicators” which are little plastic walkie talkies. I was glad they give two as that worked quite well for us. One to do the activities in the magazine, and one walkie talkie each for the other boys – to help prevent arguments! The two cool communicators have switching screens which was fun for the boys to experiment with.
dc super friends magazineThe magazine is 23 pages and includes a mixture of puzzles, stories, making activities, colouring, quiz and super hero facts.

The boys are familiar with these super heroes but not in a big way, as we don’t have any toys or dvd of these but of course Mr Z hears a lot of children talking about these characters in school and they are all aware of Superman and Batman. A couple of the characters like The Flash and Green Lantern were actually new to me too!

Despite not knowing the characters really well, they all still enjoyed the magazine. Mr Z loves puzzles so he was very happy to do all the spot the difference, code, and counting activities. He wasn’t as interested in the story but I think children who are more familiar with all of the characters would be.

Mr T really enjoyed colouring the pictures, especially one with a Batmobile as he loves cars. Mr R mainly enjoyed looking through all the pictures and pointing at different things, so that we can tell him what the different things are and what is going on in the pictures.

I felt the age range of 2-5 years is just right as this magazine is not as difficult as some I have seen, so it would work well even for the younger children, but there is still enough to keep a 5 year old entertained.

The magazines will go on sale in the UK on the 19th September 2013 and you can find these in supermarkets and newsagents. There are discounts for subscribing – saving 15 or 20% depending how many issues you go for. Details can be found on the Titan Magazines website. There will be a free gift included with every issue.

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What magazines do your children read? Are they into super heroes? Let me know your thoughts in the comments 🙂

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