Ozeri Curva Artisan Series Double Wall Glasses

Some of you may remember my post about my new Wok from Ozeri which I love, now they have sent me some glasses to try out and I think I love these even more!

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These are the Curva Artisan Series Double Wall Glasses from Ozeri. The set includes 4 glasses of 8oz each – which is around 230ml. Each one has a different design, and the effect is really striking. Because of the shaping of the inner wall, it gives the effect of the drink being in different shapes and this looks great especially with brightly coloured drinks.

IMG_9163These little things do make a difference, as I just really enjoy using the glasses it makes me smile when I pour my drink into this because it looks cool! I also think it will look great for guests and we will hopefully buy some more so that we do have enough when guests come round.

ozeriglassesThe double wall means that the glasses become insulated. You can pour hot drinks into these glasses with no risk of the glass being damaged as it is Borosilicate and much stronger than regular glass. It will not shatter at all even with boiling water being poured inside. You can see above bottom left, a tea bag is brewing with boiling water. For hot drinks, I have mainly used it for herbal teas but it would also be great for a small coffee.

Because of the double wall, you are able to easily and comfortably hold the glass in your hands even with a boiling hot drink inside. The same also applies that when you have a really chilled drink, your hands wont get cold because of the insulation.

IMG_9161My husband was really impressed with these too and he loves them – both the double wall and the cool designs. Since we got these, we don’t want to go back to any of our regular glasses as these are much better and overall more pleasant to use.

You can also buy these glasses in 12oz size in a 2 pack.

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