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Crazy Soap sell a range of products to make bath time more fun for kids. I’m always interested to try out things like this as it makes the daily routine much more exciting for the children and brightens up bath time at the end of the day!

We were sent a selection of products to review:

  • Bathtime fun soap in white
  • Colour Changing Bubble Bath
  • Shake n Sparkle Bubble Bath

crazy soap
The fun soap is in a foam format in an aerosal can. It comes out as a fluffy foam texture which can be moulded and played with in the bath while the child is cleaning themselves. This is a fun way to get some sensory play for the children and let them explore different textures but without making any mess at all in the house! The texture feels very pleasant and is easy to mould and pull apart. Once the foam drops into the water, then it will dissolve and disappear. It is all SLES and Paraben free and is a PH balanced formula to gently cleanse and moisturise delicate skin, so as well as being fun it is a gentle product very suitable for sensitive young skin.

The Shake n Sparkle bubble bath is a really attractive bottle, when you shake it you really can see all the glitter and sparkle shimmering away which is a great effect. Once you put the product into the bath, we couldn’t actually see any glitter inside the water but perhaps this is a good thing as you wouldn’t want your child to be covered in glitter while they are supposed to be getting clean! The boys did feel this one wasn’t as exciting for them during the actual bath though although the bottle is very cool. It does make plenty of bubbles, smells nice and does a good job of cleaning.

The colour changing bubble bath was the boys favourite of the 3 products. Mr Z said that it is awesome. The liquid in the bottle is orange, but as you pour it into the water you can see it transforming into blue right in front of your eyes. It is quite a dramatic colour change transformation which is why the boys liked it so much. The water does stay noticeably blue throughout the bath which they also really enjoyed. Blue is Mr T’s favourite colour so he was very happy with it, and Mr Z had been asking for coloured bubble baths before but we had not tried one which gave such a bright and noticeable colour. No colour gets transferred onto the children’s skin at all though!

crazy soap colour changing bubble bath

These are fun products for bath times. I would recommend them to others and would be happy to buy them in future as it keeps the children happy! You can also get bath goo and bath paint which we have not tried yet.

There will be some Crazy Soap products to win in the blog Advent competitions so make sure you check back and enter in December!


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