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By Luciana Oliveira

Our World Center of Baby surrogacy in Mexico offers future parents help in creating a full-fledged family. Both homosexual and heterosexual couples can participate in the program.

Mexico has become one of the best places for surrogacy for people from all around the world. In Mexico, the law is aimed at the priority of parenthood. After leaving the hospital, the surrogate mother signs child abandonment. And the law prohibits their further interaction. The price is approximately $80,000, taking into account risks, transfers, meals, and accommodation.

Types of Surrogacy in Mexico

There are two types of surrogacy:

Traditional surrogacy implies a biological connection between a woman carrying a child for another couple and that child. In most countries of the world, this type of surrogate motherhood is strictly prohibited and is considered as the transfer (sale) of a child by a mother. But in some cases, the World Center of Baby agency helps future parents use this type of surrogacy.

Gestational surrogacy appeared only with the development of assisted reproductive technologies and fertility therapy. In this case, the surrogate mother has no biological connection with the child she is carrying. She bears the embryo of biological parents.

The Best Surrogacy Agency in Mexico

World Center of Baby is considered one of the leading agencies in cooperation with families from abroad and a forum with positive reviews is a confirmation of this. We are looking for an individual approach to all couples. We want to provide the most comfortable conditions for participation in the program.

Our immediate responsibilities:

  • Selection of candidates for the role of a surrogate mother. All women undergo a detailed selection for their physical and psychological health, as well as other nuances that affect the likelihood of bearing and giving birth to a baby. Only the best candidates are enrolled in the list of surrogate mothers of our agency.
  • Legal support. All documents are translated by an in-house specialist and subsequently notarized. Among other things, we take care of issuing a travel certificate for the baby.
  • Support of the psychologist of the project participants.

What are Surrogacy Laws in Mexico?

First of all, you may wonder whether surrogacy is legal in Mexico. Well, yes, it is legal. The Mexican government doesn’t prohibit surrogacy. Moreover, the courts regulate legal agreements between the future parents and the surrogate mother who is carrying a child for them. The signing of contracts is a mandatory process that takes place long before the embryo transfer.

However, in states such as Queretaro and Sonora, this is not legal. In the state of Tabasco, there was a ban on surrogacy for future parents from other countries since 2016, but that didn’t apply to residents of Mexico.

And one more question is whether gay/lesbian couples or single parents can use surrogacy services in Mexico? Yes, surrogacy is perfect for such couples. And many clients choose the World Center of Baby clinic. There is a relatively low cost of the service (compared to the USA) and a large selection of surrogate mothers.


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