Converting Ecommerce Customer Experience For Your Online Business in 5 steps

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By Luciana Oliveira

Customer experience plays a key role in the success of any business including eCommerce. Studies shows that about 73% of consumers will not return to an online store after a bad experience. Do you want to know how to game up on your customer service and provide a better customer experience? 

In this article, Hanna Schnaider reveals exactly how to do that. Check her profile here

Let’s dig in. 

What Is Customer Experience?

Before we begin to explore the tactics for a great customer experience that makes it difficult for customers to leave you for a competitor, let’s define customer experience so we can get our thinking straight. Okay, what exactly does customer experience mean?

Simply defined, customer experience is the way customers perceive and relate with your brand which is based on the way your company interacts with them either through websites, stores, or over the phone. Providing a great customer experience for your customers is one factor that determines how successful your e-commerce business will be. In other words, it’s the heart and soul of a successful e-commerce business. Design a system that allows you to meet or exceed your customer expectations and your business will soar despite the competition. Kick customer satisfaction out of the way and see your gigantic online business crumble in no time as your customers walk out before your own very face. 

In fact, studies show that 57% of online shoppers say they stopped buying from an online store because of a bad customer experience to choose a competitor that treats them better. Additionally, a PwC survey showed about a third of customers all over the world will leave their favorite brand after just one bad experience. In short, how well your customers react, feel, and communicate with your business determines how successfully you will convert them into recurrent customers. 


Providing a great customer experience can impact brand loyalty, enhance customer retention and encourage word-of-mouth marketing.

Fortunately, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on building a great website or using some powerful automation tools before delivering a stellar customer experience. With a few tweaks here and there in your current strategy, you’ll be on your way to making a great customer experience for your customer. That said, let’s now talk about how to deliver a converting e-commerce experience in simple 5 steps. 


5 Steps To A Converting Ecommerce Customer Experience 


#1. Personalization is key

Today’s customers don’t necessarily want every product personalized to their taste, they simply want brands to connect with them like humans, not some robots. They want their pains to be heard, valued, and appreciated. They expect brands to communicate more emotionally. That’s why having a chatbot cannot completely wipe out the importance of human customer service agents who can understand and feel the pain of the customer. 

By simply using eCommerce help desk software an organization can improve and create a customer experience

The tool unites and assembles all order details and messages from multichannel into one single piece where your agents can completely understand every detail about the customer, thus providing a more personalized customer service. Many other applications can be ordered from a top software development company. You don’t have to worry about collecting customer information, more customers are likely to share their information with a brand providing it will be used for legal reasons. 

A study in 2017 shows 43% of the 1145 buyers surveyed agreed they would give their data to save money through personalized deals, promotions, or discounts. So instead of running adverts that may not be effective as much, focus on providing more personalized service so you can deliver a great customer experience for your customers.


#2. Mobile Optimization 

In this current digital age, I can’t tell you the importance of having a website optimized for mobile. It’s one of the factors you must consider if your eCommerce business wants to create a better customer experience. More and more shoppers are surfing the internet with their smartphones and e-commerce merchants need to optimize their product listings and product pages for mobile, even if they use a third-party marketplace for their business. 

You can have a powerful and carefully designed product, but if shoppers can’t access them from their smartphone sales can suffer greatly. Merchants must learn to prioritize positive smartphone user experience if they want to capture mobile shoppers. Make sure you have a responsive design that automatically adjusts to the user’s screen to deliver a great mobile experience that allows customers to keep coming back. 


#3. Simplify check out process

In your move to providing a better customer experience for your customers, having a streamlined and simplified checkout process will go a long way in making sure your customers don’t abandon their carts. Your checkout process should be made easier for your buyers to complete their buying process. There shouldn’t be anything that would make life become hell for your customer, it should be a straight-to-the-point process that has no itch. Things such as avoiding that your customers fill out the same shipping address or billing information twice could be a great way to ensure a simplified checkout process. 

Other things you can do includes: 

  • Having the “Pay Now” stare at them repeatedly
  • Simplify the “Add To Cart” process
  • Offer guest check out
  • Ensure cart contents are correctly and well displayed and so on. 


#4. Free and Fast Shipping 

It’s been proven time and time again that customers would rather spend more on the product than paying a huge shipping fee, only to find out the product is not what they expected. Statistics show that 75% of consumers expect free shipping from vendors anytime they shop online. 

Anna Kegler equally said “Free shipping influences consumer on a deeply psychological level, adding a powerful boost to your average order value”

Though most shoppers prefer free shipping over fast shipping, a Deloitte survey in 2019 showed that 87% of shoppers who want free shipping also expect the product to be delivered within a maximum of seven days. So as a smart e-commerce entrepreneur, you want to make the buying process a lot easier for your customer by providing free shipping on your orders.


#5. Create loveable and engaging product pages

The product page is the place where you convince the customer that they are making the right decision. If this page appears shabby or overwhelmed with information the customer can walk away confused. You need to make this page so clean that the customer would, at first sight, know everything they need to know about the product they are buying. Ensure the product description, dimensions, color, weight are carefully fleshed out to easily allow the customer to make an informed decision. 

According to Hubspot’s Lindsay Kolowich, the product page should be: 

  • Interesting and fun, particularly if they contain less-than-riveting-products. 
  • Personalized, allowing users to be able to build the product of their choice. 
  • Informative -ensuring the right and needed information are included
  • Easy to navigate and more. 

Additionally, your product page should highlight enough benefits of the product to allow the customers to determine if the product solves their pain points. Check out how Skullcandy did just that: 


Providing a converting eCommerce experience starts from the way your landing page is structured and designed down to your payment portal. Do you need help creating an online store that promises great conversion? Contact us at Fortyseven47 Software Professionals.

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