A Comprehensive Guide to Pram Safety

Parents-to-be are sure to have pushchairs and prams at the top of their lists of things to buy ahead of welcoming a new baby into their family.

To ensure the equipment is safe enough to carry your little one, double buggy stockists Babythingz has this buying advice:

Pram pushchair and stroller safety guide. What to check before buying

Standards to look out for

No matter the pram or pushchair that has caught your eye — new or used — you need to ensure that it has a reference to a safety standard.

The pushchair should feature the code BS 7409 or the mark BSEN 1888:2003. These codes are usually located on a label placed on the seat covering or around the frame, highlighting that it complies with British Standard/European Standard 1888: 2012 or British Standard/European Standard EN 1888:2003.

Flammability requirements

UK law states that every upholstered pram and pushchair, whether new or second hand, must now comply with stringent flammability requirements as set out in the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988.

When searching for the equipment’s safety standards, look for a permanent label etched with the words ‘CARELESSNESS CAUSES FIRE’.


Other things to check

As well as looking for the two safety labels mentioned above, follow this checklist when checking out a pram or pushchair to make sure that the equipment perfectly matches your needs:

  • When it comes to the brakes…
  • Are they easy to apply?
  • Once applied, do they engage properly?
  • Do they hold the pram or pushchair securely in place, with this the case even when used on a hill or when the under-storage compartment is filled?
  • Do they work in both a forwards and backwards motion?
  • When it comes to the wheels…
  • Are they securely fitted onto the pram or pushchair?
  • Do they display any signs of damage?
  • Do they show any evidence of heavy wear on their edges?
  • When it comes to the safety harness…
  • Do they fit easily and securely around a baby’s waist?
  • Do they fit easily and securely over a baby’s shoulders?
  • Do they fit easily and securely between a baby’s legs?
  • Do the buckles easily clip together?
  • Do the buckles easily come back apart after being clipped together?
  • Do the straps have any tears?
  • When it comes to injury prevention…
  • Does the pram or pushchair have any sharp edges?
  • Does the pram or pushchair have any areas where a baby’s fingers can get caught inside, such as around closing mechanisms or open-ended tubes?
  • Is the frame bent anywhere?
  • Is the fabric torn anywhere?


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