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Finnish baby boxes have been in the news recently, and everyone seems to love the concept – me included! Luckily, you don’t have to be in Finland to get your hands on one of these boxes. We were sent one of the Little’Un baby boxes, which are available here in the UK, and I’ve been really impressed with it.

Each box contains over 50 items that you’ll need for your baby, or for yourself in the early days of motherhood, and of course just like the original Finnish baby boxes, your baby can sleep inside the empty box too!

unboxing the little'un baby box, a finnish baby box company available in the UK, with all the baby essentials

I made an unboxing video to walk you through exactly what’s inside one of the boxes, so have a watch below – and check out the Little’Un Baby Box website too to find out more and see different options that you can get with the box.

As you can see in the video, the box is pretty amazing. I love all of the product choices that the Little’Un Baby Box team have put inside as they’re all really practical, and great quality. As I said in the video, to buy everything separately would really add up, so the price of the box at £330 (with free shipping) is fair.

Another factor that really appeals to me with the box is convenience. It’s great to be able to get so many of your essentials sorted in one purchase – and this part particularly appealed to my other half as well!

You will also need to top it up with some extras of your own, so you still get the chance to shop and pick out specific clothes and extra bits that you love but the box and its contents gives you a great foundation to start with.

It’s a great buy for first time mums – if you’re unsure of what you’ll need then this box would be really handy to get you off to a great start with plenty of luxury basics.

It’s also a great buy for busy mums – like with me, this is our 4th baby and we’re also in the middle of home renovations. We have a lot on our plate, so having the essentials in one handy box that we can keep downstairs while our room and the baby nursery are being finished is actually a really big help – especially as the baby can even sleep inside the box!

The box would also be a great buy as a baby gift. Everyone loves a box full of surprises, especially when they’re such beautiful things, so I’m sure any new mum would be very happy with this! The Little’Un baby box actually comes gift wrapped with a nice ribbon tied around it, which you can’t see in the video because I had sneakily already opened and had a look inside it before making the unboxing video – I really couldn’t resist!!

If you do have any questions about the Little’Un baby box, leave them for me in the comments and I’ll help you out if I can. You can also contact Little’Un via their site – they’re very friendly and helpful and I’m sure they’ll be able to answer anything you need.

As you can see in the video, I’m now massive and ready to have the baby any time! (Video says 4 weeks, but it was filmed a few weeks back and I’m due in 2 days now) So look out for another blog post once baby is here, I’ll show you how she gets on using everything from the Little’Un box – I can’t wait!

Other Box options

In addition to the main original Maternity Box, which is the one shown in the video and is available at an offer price of £330 (normal price will be £360), there will be 3 other options coming soon, starting from £98 (another at £145, £245), with various items from the main, original Maternity Box. So this gives you the choice to select the box thats most suitable for what you need, or for your budget. Check the website to see all of the options and details.

And if you need a re cap of the original Little’Un maternity baby box contents, it is..

4 x Sleeved Babygrows

4 x Under Garment Babygrows

4 x Full Footed Babygrows

4 x Pairs Trousers

1 x Cardigan/Top

1 x Fitted Baby Mattress

1 x Baby Box with Lid

1 x Fitted Cotton Sheet

1 x All Season Grow-Bag

1 x Waterproof Mattress Cover

1 x All Year Cosy Blanket

1 x Large Muslin Swaddle Cloth

3 x Muslin Squares

3 x Bibs

1 x Comforter

2 x Hats

2 x Cotton Socks

2 x Pairs of Booties

1 x Pair of Mittens

1 x Under Tights

1 x Cotton Bath Towel

1 x Mum & Baby Balm

2 x Packs of Nappies

1 x Packs of Wipes

1 x Pack of Disposable Bra Pads

1 x Pack Sanitary Towels

1 x Baby Nail Clippers

1 x Baby Nail Scissors

1 x Bath Thermostat

1 x Artisan Chocolate Bar

Visit the Little’Un Baby Box website to find out more

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