Clothes and Gifts for Kids who Love Minions

My kids are crazy about Minions. With the huge success of the current movie, I’m guessing yours, or at least some kids that you know, are too. If that’s true, George at Asda has a wide range of Minions merchandise available at the moment and you might want to take a look!  Buying character items is a fantastic way to give practical presents that will still excite kids. My boys are always really happy with a t-shirt or Pjs if it features one of their favourite characters, and it’s something that gets used over and over – win win situation.



The boys were sent a selection of Minions merchandise from George, and it’s been getting regular use with the kids always happy and proud to wear their Minions items. A picture tells a minion words, so take a look at their smiling faces to see what they thought of these Minions products. 







We got a set of PJs and a Minions t-shirt for each boy, and we have since bought other Minions products from Asda too. There is a wide range for both boys and girls, as you can see in the collage I put together at the top of the post. The prices are very reasonable too, as you would expect from Asda, and we’ve been really happy with the quality of all of them items.

Check out the full Minions range at George at Asda here

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