#50things – 28. Climb a Huge Hill

50thingslogoI’m sure most of us have heard of the National Trust 50 things to do before you’re 11ยพ initiative. This is such a great idea to create a handy checklist of all those outdoors fun activities that childhood is all about, to get out in the fresh air, have a great time and make some memories to be cherished. Number 28 on the list is “Climb a huge hill”

See the full list here!

I’m joining together with 49 other bloggers,to take part in the mission to complete all 50 things and each produce a short video of atleast one activity. This is a fantastic idea by This Day I Love and HollyBobbs

climbahugehillI chose number 28 – Climb a huge hill to make my video.

We always drive past some really big hills on the A40, and had been meaning to take the children there for a while. I always thought its just the hills and nothing else there, but its actually part of Northala Fields country park and there are some great playgrounds behind the hills, and a lake, and loads of open space – what a great bonus! I was kicking myself for not discovering this place earlier!

First things first, we set about doing exactly what we had come to do – climb the hills! These simple activities really are so great for kids. When Mr Z saw we were going to go up to the top his reaction was “yesssss!” – so excited! When we reached the top he shouted “mum, look at the views!” I’m so glad he can appreciate that. I really do want my kids to appreciate and enjoy these simple pleasures and I find they really can compete well with the more expensive days out!

There are four large hills here, which are actually artificial hills created from the rubble that was created when the original Wembley Stadium was demolished. This is such a clever use of the rubble and it is great! Some of the hills have a track so that you can take a buggy up it, and some of them are just for people who can climb. Mr T and Mr R went on the hill with the tracks, as they won’t be physically strong enough to climb the full hill by themselves at the moment – hopefully in future! Mr Z was able to climb the hills quite easily, and it was a good exercise for us

Here’s our video, it’s just a very short simple footage from my phone camera but it’s great to take part in this project. We are only about half way through the list our selves so definitely have some more fun times ahead of us as we try to complete them all!

What are your favourite activities on the list? Is there anything you have tried out recently, or any you are hoping to do soon? Let me know in the comments ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • yes I always choose the easy ones!! hehe. I will get round to the harder ones maybe when they are closer to 11 3/4 rather than 5 and under ๐Ÿ˜€


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