Choosing the Correct Flowers For the Right Occasion

Choosing the Correct Flowers For the Right Occasion

As with the best gifts and gestures flowers are loaded with meaning. From births to funerals you will find a flower which carries the correct sentiment for the occasion. To make sure you make the right decision when choosing flowers for that special event, here is a guide to the appropriate flowers for a variety of occasions.

How to choose the appropriate flowers for each occasion, including list of flowers by month and flowers for each anniversaryFuneral

On such a sensitive occasion it is important to pick the right flowers which express the desired sentiment. Florists such as Flowers Same Day offer a great range in funeral flowers that express a range of meaning. As a symbol of the innocence being restored to the soul, lilies are perfect as a traditional funeral flower. Gladioli and carnations are also popular choices for funerals, the former representing strength of character and integrity, and the latter stands for admiration, remembrance or pure love depending on the colour (red, pink or white respectively).


There are a variety of flowers that could be considered appropriate for this special occasion. Red or yellow tulips either represent a declaration of love or steadfast love respectively. Young love is conveyed by a primrose and of course, there is the classic red rose to put across feelings of love.


There’s more to wedding flowers than simply their aesthetic qualities. Choosing lilacs means you are promoting loves first emotions, lily of the valley aptly represents happiness whereas tulips stand for love and passion. Opt for calla lily if you want to represent magnificent beauty.

Calla lilly wedding flowers


Flowers are an ideal present to mark a birth. Each month of the year is represented by a particular flower. Here is a list:

January: snowdrop, Carnation.

February: violet, primrose

March: daffodil, jonquil

April: daisy, sweet pea

May: lily of the valley, hawthorn plant

June: rose, honeysuckle

July: larkspur, water lily

August: gladiolus, poppy

September: aster, morning glory

October: pumpkin bloom, marigold, cosmo

November: chrysanthemum

December: narcissus


As well as the flowers above, there are other flowers which convey the appropriate meaning to celebrate a birthday. For example, orchids represent delicate beauty and sunflowers express adoration. There is also a flower for each of the signs of the zodiac from carnations for Capricorns to Narcissus for Sagittarius.

mixed pressed flowers


Unsurprisingly, there is an appropriate flower for every year’s anniversary. Here’s a list of the most important dates

One year: carnations for commitment and looking forward to the years ahead

10 years: a yellow daffodil represent the simple pleasures the couple share

20 years: aster conveys wisdom and good fortune

30 years: pride, beauty and devotion is delivered with lilies

40 years: gladioli brings vibrancy and remembrance

50 years: virtue, humility and faith are represented by yellow roses.

What is your favourite flower? Let me know in the comments!

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