Children’s Toys at House of Fraser

House of Fraser have a wide range of children’s toys available, from action figures, to creative toys, outdoor toys and more. We were offered the chance to pick some toys from their website to try out, and I had no problem finding lots of options that were suitable for my boys.

R is crazy about Power Rangers at the moment, so I got him the Power Ranger Deluxe FX Super Mega Ranger figure

Red Power ranger deluxe sound effects figure

This is a large figure of the red power ranger with sound effects (it sings the power rangers theme song and makes other power ranger noises). It has moveable limbs and a large power ranger weapon. R really loves this toy. I’m sure it would be a hit with any child that’s into Power Rangers, and it’s available for around £20.00 which is good value for the amount of play that it gives for a Power Rangers fan.

We also chose a small Lego set, the Lego City Artic Snowmobile 60032. This is a simple set with 1 minifigure and a snowmobile vehicle. It’s simple to make and is a great little set. House of Fraser have a good range of Lego from these smaller lower priced sets right up to the large sets. This set is available for £5.00 which makes it a great stocking filler – you can’t really go wrong with Lego!

Lego City Artic Snowmobile 60032

Another fun stocking filler item we got is this Angry Birds card game, which is also £5.00. My kids always enjoy card games and it’s good to find new ones that feature some of their favourite characters. In this game, you have to roll dice to get the right bird to topple the structure cards and knock out the pig.

Angry Birds card gameIt’s definitely worth having a browse on the House of Fraser site if you’re looking to order toys online. With their wide range, you’ll be sure to find something to fit in with your kids interests.

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