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Last year I came across Izabela Peters, a small company working from a Boutique workshop to create beautiful soft furnishings, textiles and accessories for children and grown ups. I was sent a few of their children’s products to try out with the boys and we have been pretty impressed with the quality and style of each item.

Children’s Pump Bags

Izabela Peters have a wide range of children’s pump bags in personalised and non personalised designs. We were sent a pirate design which is very cute and appealed to all of my boys.

These bags are made with washable fabric and are soft and feel very durable. They are a decent size to fit children’s pumps, and can fit shorts and t-shirt for PE inside them too, so they can easily be used as a full PE bag for infant school children not just for pumps or plimsolls.

You can see the pump bag designs available on Izabela Peters here


Children’s Swimming Bags

The children’s swimming bags are also great quality, and are a similar generous size to the pump bags. They are made from waterproof material and also treated with an anti fungal agent which is reassuring to know and hopefully this will help them to keep as good as new for longer.

We were sent the New England stripe design with an anchor which has a really classic feel and looks great!

IMG_2929Children can wear these swimming bags as a back pack which is handy, making it easier for them to take some responsibility and carry their own things! This design appealed to both Z and T (age 5 and 6) and both of them are keen to use this swimming bag.

You can see the Children’s swimming bag designs available on Izabela Peters here

Children’s Aprons

You can also get children’s aprons from Izabela Peters, and they have a good range of boyish designs as well as girls, which is not always as easy to come by. The aprons can be personalised too which makes them a lovely gift. They can be used for baking, crafts or gardening, and are machine washable.

We were sent a vintage football design which looks great. The quality, as with the other two items, is lovely with the apron having a good quality finish, and quality fabric. All of the items show that they have had plenty of care and attention put into making them and this definitely makes them stand out from the usual high street items.


You can see all of the personalised childrens aprons here on Izabela Peters

Which is your favourite?

All Izabela Peters products are made in the UK in the Boutique workshop and come with free UK delivery. It’s great to support small UK companies like this, especially with such lovely quality products.


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