Healthy Eating for Children

Do your Children Eat Healthily?

Do your children eat healthily? Perhaps a better question is Do you wish your children would eat a bit more healthily? You try right? You offer them some vegetables, but they prefer chips? You offer them fruit. They eat biscuits. I know…Life happens. Until one day you think “why bother offering them an apple?” The next day you reach for the biscuits without a pause.

Is there a little whisper at the back of you mind that keeps telling you that their diet isn’t really that healthy? Come to think of it, What is healthy anyway?

Give your child the gift of healthy eating. Find out more about the free healthy eating workshop and the healthy eating course

Feeding our children a healthy diet can be tricky. I know. I have 4 young children. You should hear the noise at the dinner table…twins aged two. Yep, at times it’s a bit…messy! As a pediatric doctor I know how important healthy eating is. As a mother, I know how difficult it is. Do you wish you could stop all that stress related to eating? Don’t you think it would be awesome if you could teach your children to develop healthy habits? They wouldn’t see it as ‘healthy eating’…they’d just be eating food that they liked, healthy food that they liked. (Don’t worry, they don’t have to give up the treats entirely.)


FREE Healthy Eating for Children Workshop

Here’s how I can help. Firstly, I have an awesome FREE workshop that you can attend. It’s on Jan 28th. We’ll look at how you can help your children. It’s totally free, you can come, you can learn and that’s it (there’s a recording if you can’t make the live session.)

Healthy Eating for Children Course

I also do an awesome online course, which is not free. But it is great. It’s $350 which does sound a lot if you compare it to a book. But if you think of giving your children the gift of a healthy life…nothing in life is guaranteed, but there are things that you can do to increase your chances and healthy eating and exercise are up there at the top. If you could give that gift to your children, it’s a small price to pay. If you want to know more about the course…check out this page.

Just want to come along to the free session? It would be great to see you. Just register here.

Dr Orlena Kerek

Dr Orlena Kerek is a paediatric doctor and mother of 4 small scamps. She writes about helping children to eat healthily, without lots of stress and worry. It’s all about building healthy habits that last a lifetime.

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