Why children need to get outdoors this spring

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For the first time in what seems forever, UK residents are awakening to clear blue skies. The birds are singing once again and the first daffodils of the year are making a most welcomed appearance. With spring in the air, we can feel it calling us to get outside and enjoy the beauty of the world around us. Although you may not be ready to give up your woolies and wellies just yet, spring is a great reminder of the importance of being outdoors.

This is why outdoor enthusiasts and British bird food supplier, Kennedy Wild Bird Food are here to tell us why nature offers one of the most reliable boosts to your childrens mental and physical wellbeing.

Physical development

We all know about the benefits of exercise for a healthy life. It‘s also important that children from an early age know the benefits too. Forget about keep fit classes and gym memberships, the best exercise and experience of nature will come in the form exploring the outdoors. This is even more so for a child, who naturally wants to run, walk, climb trees and play football. There are unlimited opportunities for a child to enjoy the outdoors and learn the value of exercise.

Health Benefits

There are a vast array of healthy benefits that come with being outdoors. The natural vitamin D we obtain from the sunlight is essential for healthy bones, especially as many of us are vitamin D deficient anyway. Vitamin D is of particular importance for growing children, who need it grow up healthy and strong.

It could also be argued that children who play outside in the mud and grass are healthier and at less risk of catching viral infections that thrive in indoor play centres and stuffy classrooms.

Educational Benefits

It would be impossible to list all the educational advantages the outdoors brings. Children learn best through their senses. Smelling, seeing, doing and touching things make it far more easier to learn. How can you learn about the wind by watching TV or reading a book?

There are simply so many smells, colours and shapes that exist in the outside world which you won’t find in a box of plastic toys. Discovering the world hands on is always the best way.

Psychological Benefits

Sunshine makes all of us feel better, not just children. Fresh air and exercise is a certain way to help combat those winter blues that have kept you indoors for so many months. Feeling and seeing spring will help a child’s positivity shine through and help them gain a great deal of independence through outdoor discovery and exploration.

Social Development

Children absolutely love socialising. More often than not, indoor spaces can be crowded or dominated by adults. Children can also be intimidated in the presence of adults whilst background noise in crowded spaces can hinder language development.

With fewer restrictions and more space, getting outdoors allows children to relax and play in an environment around them. Perfect for fueling their imaginations. This also means children are more likely to talk freely amongst themselves and discover new ways of playing.

Behaviour development

Many studies have shown kids who play outdoors are better behaved. Playing outdoors has been proven to reduce problems with behaviour issues children can develop with hyperactivity and attention. Turning off machines, widening boundaries and offering more responsibility and freedom can really bring out the best in the wildest of children.

It’s fun!

Despite these points, the most important thing about playing outside is that it’s fun! The rest of these great benefits come naturally. As we all know, growing older means we start to leave behind the imagination that makes children special. Sticks that are swords and grass that is lava, we ultimately forget about the enjoyment we used to have jumping into muddy puddles or catching clouds on swings. The outdoor is just fun!

It’s free

You won’t have to spend a penny to witness your children play outdoors. Even in a big city, there are parks to enjoy, birds to feed and walks to visit. The benefits start as soon as you open your door and step outside! Spring means the world is waking up. Now is the perfect time to explore!


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  1. We couldn’t agree more. Particularly that it is fun! We head outdoors (even in the rain) often with our little one because it’s where she’s happiest.


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