Chad Valley Baby Tablet Review

The Chad Valley Baby Tablet is a fun electronic toy for the littlest ones in the family. We all know that babies and toddlers quickly get attracted to gadgets like the TV remote, or parent’s mobile phones, so the Chad Valley Baby Tablet (Junior Kid Pad) caught N’s eye straight away!

This is a really chunky tablet, which is simple to use even for babies as young as 9 months. N is now 15 months but has been playing with this for a good few months, and she was able to get the hang of it straight away.

The tablet has four modes, which can be changed via the slider at the bottom of the toy. The modes are animal noises, numbers, music or sound effects. So whenever a certain mode is selected, those are the sounds you’ll get when you press each button.

N’s favourite is definitely the animal sounds at the moment! The sound quality is clear, and it’s easy to make out the sounds well. There are nine buttons on the tablet, which each have a number on and then the animal picture for the animal sounds mode is nearby too so little ones can see which button to choose.

It’s really chunky and easy for small hands to grip and manage, and not too heavy to pick up or carry around. There are also rubber guards on each of the corner to make it more robust and protect against any knocks or bumps.

The Chad Valley Baby tablet takes 3 x AA batteries to power the sound effects and flashing lights, and has a clear on / off and volume control on the side.

N enjoys playing with this toy, and it’s a simple way to learn numbers and animals together. Cause and effect toys like this are also good for younger babies development, as they learn that when they press the button they will get the lights and sound!

This baby tablet would also be really nice while older siblings are playing with their tablets, the littlest can be included too!

It is great value at only £10.99 from Argos, and is part of the 2 toys for £15 offer which is an even better deal! 

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